Intrepid Travel Unplugs with New Digital Detox Tours

17 May 2016

Digital Detox - IndiaIntrepid Travel has launched a new range of Digital Detox tours that focus on giving travelers the opportunity to disconnect from their devices and connect with the world.

The four new tours will be completely free from technology including cell phones, laptops, iPads and cameras. The trips last between 7 to 10 days and will run in four of Intrepid’s most popular destinations; Thailand, Morocco, India and Ecuador.

The trips were designed after feedback from tour leaders and travelers suggested people are able to develop stronger connections when they unplug and are completely present in a destination.

“Now more than ever people are really struggling to detach from the digital world during their vacations,” said Leigh Barnes, Regional Director for Intrepid Travel in North America. “We wanted to enable travelers to really unplug and focus on making meaningful connections with their fellow group members and of course, the local people.”

Past research shows that participating in a Digital Detox allows people to develop deeper friendships and view the world from a new perspective– among many other mental health benefits.

Digital Detox HeroInspired by those results, Intrepid Travel conducted its own research with OnePoll to survey 1,500 Americans on their cellphone use while travelling. The results show that 38 per cent of people have missed out on a life moment because they were too busy with their cell phones, with 31 per cent admitting to being more concerned with capturing the perfect photo for social media than actually experiencing the moment. Other notable statistics include:

  • 50% of people will spend more than 1 hour searching for Wi-Fi while on vacation, (30% will spend more than 2 hours)
  • 74% admit their phone is never more than 3ft away from them
  • Only 56% said they’d be willing to take a break for a few days from their phone
  • 47% said they would NOT be able to go on vacation without a cell phone
  • 84% of people admit cell phones and technology are distracting when it comes to daily life
  • 24% of people have tripped/fell/walked into a pole while staring down at phones
  • 41% choose locations to visit based on what will look good on social media
Before departing on the Digital Detox trip, travelers will be asked to sign a pledge committing to the Digital Detox challenge, which includes a full week without Internet, cell-phones, laptops and cameras. In turn, participants will be rewarded with a connection they could never find through Wi-Fi. The trips themselves focus on local interaction and include activities such as homestays and hilltribe visits.