Intrepid Travel Opens North America Sales and Marketing Company

2 July 2008

The following text is drawn directly from a July 2, 2008 letter sent via email to the ATTA from the Intrepid Travel team:

"2 July 2008

Intrepid Travel Announces North American Industry Team

Dear Partners
Intrepid Travel is thrilled to announce it has opened a new North America Sales & Marketing
Company. The company, Intrepid Travel Inc which is based in Toronto, will be responsible for
growing Intrepid's brand presence in the Canadian marketplace and also take on
responsibility for managing and developing Intrepid's North America Industry relationships.

The North American sales & marketing office will be the Intrepid groups 17th international
subsidiary, and 6th sales and marketing business with other company owned sales and
marketing businesses in Australia, UK, U.S., New Zealand & South Africa. The group is
expecting to turn over $140 million globally in the next year and take 80,000 travellers to over
100 countries.

North America is the fastest growing outbound market for Intrepid Travel and a dedicated
industry team has been installed to manage this growth. Steven Larkin who will assume the
role of President, and he will work alongside Christian Wolters, the Canada Marketing
Manager and two Business Development Managers, Kirk McDonald and Kate Rosen. They
will specifically work with our Industry partners to ensure we continue to build on our strong
relationships in the region.

The North American Industry Sales team can be reached as follows:
Steve Larkin, President - based in Toronto: [email protected]
Kirk McDonald, BDM - based in Vancouver and responsible for industry sales in Western
Canada & Western USA: [email protected]
Kate Rosen, BDM - based in Toronto and responsible for industry sales in Eastern Canada &
Eastern USA: [email protected]
Christian Wolters, Marketing Manager - based in Toronto: [email protected]

Should you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact Steven and his
team directly.

Best regards,
Darrell Wade
CEO & Co-founder
Intrepid Travel Pty Ltd"