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Insured Nomads Launches Legal Guardian: A Groundbreaking Membership for Travelers, Nomads, and Expats

18 March 2024

Insured Nomads announces the launch of Legal Guardian, a revolutionary membership program offering unparalleled legal assistance and travel benefits for travelers, nomads, and expats. Designed by a company at the forefront of travel insurance and assistance products, this service embodies their dedication to delivering innovative and comprehensive solutions for the modern international community.

Legal Guardian emerges as a membership service that extends up to 20 hours per month for various legal matters related to driving infractions, minor violations, criminal incidents, immigration, visas, and initial legal representation—a sampling of the services provided. It ushers in a new era of assurance and ease, redirecting the focus from the worries of legal threats to the joys of global exploration.

Understanding the complexities of modern travel, Legal Guardian goes beyond traditional support. Members receive exceptional benefits including airport lounge access for registered delayed flights among other forward-thinking traveltech integrations. These are more than conveniences; they are the canvases upon which stress-free travel experiences are painted.

With a vast network of experienced local attorneys in over 120 countries, Legal Guardian is there so that you have the counsel needed. Whether faced with an unforeseen traffic dispute or navigating the convoluted waters of international law, our network ensures dependable legal guidance is just a call away.

With the development of Legal Guardian, Insured Nomads fortifies its reputation as a leader in the convergence of insurance, assistance, and technology. For those who dare to roam the globe, be it for leisure or through flexible work arrangements, this membership invites you to embrace your wanderlust without reservation.

Travelers, nomads, and expats are encouraged to harness the benefits of Legal Guardian and venture forth into the world, securely backed by the comprehensive protection offered by Insured Nomads.

To learn more or to become a member, visit www.legal-guardian.com

About Insured Nomads 
Established in 2020, Insured Nomads has become an award winning, insurtech/traveltech provider of international health, medical and travel insurance, assistance services, and travel risk management memberships. Operating from the start as a fully remote and globally distributed company they serve the modern company with health insurance solutions, international educational and humanitarian organizations, and the banking, travel and hospitality industry with custom built and embedded solutions for affinity partners. The commitment to protecting people goes beyond the policy and the member with the business as a mission, social impact purpose for protecting those vulnerable and exploited in human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

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