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Inspiring the World to Come Paddling in West Sweden – Popular TV Show Facing Waves Filmed, and Hosted, by LWimages

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In a collaboration with West Sweden Tourist Board and Heliconia Productions, LWimages have not only filmed but produced and presented an episode of the popular water sports TV series Facing Waves centered on the adventurous kayaking in West Sweden. Now entering its 6th season Facing Waves has been shown in 44 countries on the Nautical Channel and in the US is shown on Outside Television and FOX Sports Networks. The West Sweden episode is part of the 6th season, showcasing episodes on kayaking in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Wales, Florida and the coast of Oregon.

Whilst LWimages have a long track record of film work with Heliconia Productions on other adventure travel TV series such as Epic Trails, this was the team’s first major role in front of the camera. LWimages producer Ulrika Larsson, herself a highly accomplished kayaker, took on the role of both producer and presenter for the episode. “I loved the planning bit of the project, having been given total freedom to show my favourite paddling waters to the world,” says Ulrika. “I’ve lived in this area for 16 years now and I knew exactly from the start where I wanted to film, who I wanted to be part of the show and wanted to make sure the stories from around here would be told in an authentic and natural way. It was the first time for me being in front of the camera, taking on the roll as the TV host and I must admit it was a bit scary in the beginning, but after a while I felt more and more relaxed and at the end of the production, I really enjoyed it. I would definitely do it again if I was given the opportunity.”

With segments filmed during all four seasons, this Facing Waves episode showcases West Sweden as a year round adventure travel destination. The variety of landscapes featured is remarkable from city centre paddling in Sweden’s 2nd largest city Gothenburg, through golden granite coastal landscapes of Fjällbacka to the dense, inland forests of the Dalsland region. As Ulrika explains the area has limitless opportunities. “Between Gothenburg and the Norwegian border, you have more than 8000 islands and endless opportunities to go exploring the area from the cockpit of your kayak. I specifically love to go for a paddling during winter when it’s quiet and you have the whole sea to yourself. That feeling of being out there on my own gives me total piece of mind and I can’t think of anything that would be closer to mediation really.”

Because the archipelago isn’t affected by tidal movements and currents, the area is perfect for people of all capabilities to come and enjoy the sea from a kayak. As well as the paddling, Facing Waves features the numerous opportunities to sample the local culture and cuisine with picturesque fishing villages along the coastline that offer cozy accommodations and superb restaurants. As Ulrika says, “If you want to explore a stunning granite archipelago and get lost in all its beauty, I think you should come to West Sweden.”

The whole episode, broken down into four segments, can be viewed here.

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