Insights Industry Professionals Should Know About Chile

24 October 2017

Below are just a few of the top things you should know when considering a trip to Chile for your clientele.

Chile has a wildly diverse landscape that includes sand dunes, glaciers, rivers, and mountains.

Atacama Desert: It's Way More Than Sand!

From the driest desert on Earth to the wild lands at the end of the world in Patagonia, the privileged geography of Chile is the perfect destination for your outdoor travelers. Its landscapes — filled with volcanoes, glaciers, forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, and beaches — are an ideal backdrop for nature lovers looking for soft and hard adventures. To top it off, travelers can experience some of the planet’s clearest skies in the world. With 300 clear nights a year and scarce light pollution, Atacama Desert is one of the world's largest astronomical centers.

Chile Recognized as South America’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination

Recently, this South American country has won a place in the spotlight for adrenaline journeys thanks to the travel and tourism professionals and consumers worldwide who voted for Chile to become the World’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination 2016 in the World Travel Awards, better known as the “Oscars of Tourism.” In addition to this recognition, Chile has won the award for South America’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination for three years in a row, confirming its adventurous spirit at the end of the world.

Chile: Land of Contrasts

Between the Andes mountain range and the Pacific Ocean, the untamed nature of the Chilean territory offers surfing, skiing, sandboarding, trekking, hiking, mountain biking, rafting, kayaking, fly-fishing, ice climbing, and much more. On top of that, more than a quarter of the country is designated as protected areas, where your clients are guaranteed to encounter surprising fauna and flora in wild landscapes. With so many options, it’s good for travel agents and tour operators to know how best to guide potential Chile visitors.

Chile is an enticing destination for adventure travelers interested in mountain biking, trekking, ice climbing, and more.

Surfer’s Paradise

Chile’s coastline of more than 4,000 kilometers is an undisputed paradise for those who love to surf. A good climate all year round, temperate water, and a cradle of wild waves baptized “The Gringo” transforms Arica into an obligatory destination for surfers from all over the world.

In Iquique, surfers are applauded for their magnificent performances on top of their boards, thanks to the perfect formation of the waves that roll out onto Cavancha Beach. Also, Chile is home to Pichilemu, the world capital for surf, which receives wave-loving adrenaline junkies to its marine currents, offers waves that surpass the four-meter mark, and provides enviable conditions for gliding on top of the sea.

Haven for Avid Skiers, Snowboarders, and Tubers!

During the winter, the snow that falls in the central zone of the Andes Mountains paves the way for some of the best ski slopes in the southern hemisphere. Activities are available for experts, beginners, travellers, and adventure junkies along this imposing mountain range, the vertebral column that travels along the length of Chile’s territory. Skiing is, of course, one of the highlights, but snowboarding, tubing, long distance cycling, and walking with snowshoes can also be enjoyed.

Chile’s glaciers offer a grandiose view for kayakers.

Plethora of Rafting Choices

For anyone looking to try a fast rafting experience, the rafting tourist centers close to Pucón are a good option, with opportunities to raft along level IV and V rivers, Trancura and Liucura. If you’re an expert, the great challenge would be to raft along River Futaleufú in the middle of the Patagonia. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, its level V rapids are characterized for their length, flow, and exciting descents. Another must is the River Baker. Its turbulence and turquoise waters make the adventure an unforgettable experience.

Chilean Trails: There’s One for Every Level

For hiking and trekking lovers, the Patagonia is a must-visit destination that offers dozens of national parks and reserves with a variety of routes at different levels of difficulty. One of them is the Torres del Paine National Park in the Chilean Patagonia, declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1978. It’s a protected area of 227,000 hectares with an interwoven range of ecosystems that includes lakes, glaciers, rivers, extensive meadows, waterfalls, forests, and its very particular granite towers, which have positioned Chile as one of the best natural destinations on the planet, according to National Geographic Traveller. The park has some of the best routes in the world to explore.

One of its most famous trails, the W Circuit, was selected by the Lonely Planet magazine as the best multiple-day trek, without demanding altitudes, in the world. For those adventurers who are more experienced, there’s the O Circuit.

There are hundreds of hiking trails throughout Chile that cater to a range of skill sets.

From Boutique Properties, Cruises, and Internationally Recognized Hotel Brands, Chile Has It All

Visiting Chile by land and/or sea has never been easier. There is virtually every type of accommodation and cruise for each type of traveler. From 3- to 5-star experiences, our variety of suppliers can accommodate every budget.

How to Become a Chile Expert

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