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INNJOY Travel believes travel is based on experiences and interests, rather than price. We believe that travelers are looking for a global resource that presents ideas, dreams and new travel adventures based on activities. Our purpose is to provide a marketing partnership with each tour operator, activity provider and lodging partner whose desire is to share their local experiences with travelers.

Imagine searching the world for that great surfing location, which offers spa and wellness, along with zip-line adventures and river rafting, finding a selection of lodging facilities, viewing their social media account feeds without having a social account and booking directly with the hotel? Imagine viewing the local tour operator’s social account to get reviews, travel tips and communicate directly with their tour guide on how the surf is that week, what animals have been seen off the zip-line or is this the best time to raft down a class 4? You can do this with

We believe that the world is now one community of travelers and that the next phase of global tourism will be based on activity driven decisions. The large online travel agencies have created a flat rate-parity for lodging and airline travel, so we will let those price driven travel models do their own thing. INNJOytravel will stick to connecting travelers to lodging via matched activities.

We offer paid listings for lodging, tour operators and activity providers which include direct social media feeds, multiple linking capabilities to supporting partners and direct booking links to each partners. By offering unlimited free blog posts, marketing opportunities and free language courses for all travelers, our goal is to provide a platform for travelers to search, share and book travel with our partners. We do not collect commissions, never will sell advertising on our site and will always prefer to work with sustainable tourism partners. Our partners can change their messaging anytime with a fully integrated extranet, therefore, changing speed to market, the ability to add local activities and share social feeds instantly. Each site is HTML5 formatted and can easily be used as a mobile website for any partner.

We connect adventure driven travelers to tour operators, local activity providers and lodging facilities. We currently have over 4,600 lodging partners throughout the world. 2014 and 2015 will be our growth years with featuring our drive to build a group of tour operator partners in every region of the world.

We currently have properties in 30+ countries, and are looking for tour operator partners who can match up with our properties. Our main executive office in Sanibel, Florida and our content development team is based in Charleston, South Carolina. We have sales team members in Scotland, Georgia (USA), Chicago IL, and Florida. We are looking for sales associated in Canada, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.

We are very excited to develop a relationship with the ATTA adventure travel community, as well as bring our travelers to book experiences within the network of the ATTA members. Our marketing strategy is attraction rather than promotion. Our goal is word-of-mouth marketing. Our research shows that nearly every traveler visits 12 – 18 different websites to plan a trip. Our goal is to provide the most relevant information to our travelers. We do this by offering all partners the direct feed display of any social media account and a free blog posting site called Travel News.

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