Infinite Safari Adventures Gives Back Builds Water Well In Amboseli Kenya

2 November 2015

Infinite Safari Adventures Water Well Photo 2Maji Ni Uhai! Water is Life. Infinite Safari Adventures has always believed that a responsible tour operator should give back to the communities its clients visit. As part of that effort Infinite Safari started its“Dog Collars For Africa” program where it funded a group of Maasai women to make beaded dog collars and jewelry. Proceeds would go to the building of a water well.

That goal was reached this past month when Alan Feldstein, owner of Infinite Safari Adventures, traveled to the Amboseli region of Kenya to supervise the drilling of a water well. The well benefits a community of about 500 Maasai and provides much needed clean water for the,villagers andtheir livestock as well as providing an irrigation for crops.

The story of the construction of the water well can be found at