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Industry Pledge Sets Joint Direction for Greenland’s Tourism

14 November 2023

As tourism operators gather in Reykjavik for the largest travel fair of the Nordic region, Visit Greenland – on behalf of Greenland’s tourism industry and sector – has launched a new shared pledge towards more sustainable and responsible tourism development. The shared pledge is the first step towards certification of the country’s tourism industry. 

The new pledge reflects the priorities and ambitions of the 70+ tourism companies and organisations who took part in the "Towards Better Tourism" conference in Nuuk in April 2023. Since the conference, the broader tourism sector of Greenland has also been consulted for input, ideas and priorities as part of developing the pledge. 

The industry’s new “Our Pledge Towards Better Tourism” reflects a shared direction for the future of tourism to Greenland, which the pledging companies and organisations commit to value and uphold. The pledge outlines five overarching themes, including the importance of respecting and strengthening Greenland’s natural and cultural values, prioritising local communities and businesses, as well as creating new and appealing opportunities in tourism for young people. Overall, the pledge embodies a shared set of values and is intended to ensure that tourism is developed for and by all of Greenland. 

Shared Direction for Tourism 

"Our Pledge Towards Better Tourism" is launched in anticipation of the new airports in Greenland that will likely result in significant growth in tourism to the country. In addition, the new pledge can pilot formulation of a new national tourism strategy for both tourism in society as well as for society with increased tourism. 

“Among the tourism companies and organisations, there is a strong desire for a common and sustainable direction for tourism development,” said Visit Greenland’s CEO, Anne Nivíka Grødem. “That’s why I am so encouraged that the tourism industry itself is setting clear direction with this pledge for sustainable tourism development that benefits all of Greenland.” 

Grødem emphasized that the new pledge of the tourism industry is a direct reflection of the 2023 spring conference, Towards Better Tourism, where more than 100 tourism professionals from across the country took part. During the conference, participants created a series of shared commitments as well as a larger set of materials to reflect the sector’s hopes, wishes and priorities for the future of tourism in Greenland. 

”We have spent the past few months going through all these materials to analyse and paraphrase these shared commitments into a pledge for the future of tourism – a pledge that should be read as our shared values foundation, shared direction, and shared position for our industry and sector,"  Grødem said. "It should also hold us all accountable to our shared ambition for better and more sustainable tourism development in Greenland." 

First Step Towards Certification 

Following the launch of "Our Pledge Towards Better Tourism," Visit Greenland hopes all Greenlandic tourism businesses and operators will join this new pledge movement. This entails that all ‘pledgers’ – or signatories of the pledge – can display the pledge’s logo on their own website and use it in their marketing communications. The participating companies will also gain visibility on Visit Greenland’s website and in international marketing activities. 

Finally, the launch of the pledge is a first step in the development and implementation of a certification program for Greenland’s tourism sector, which has also long been on the wish list for the country’s tourism businesses, and which is also in high demand by the international travel market. 

Learn more about "Our Pledge Towards Better Tourism" at vg.gl/pledge

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