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India Exotica Travels Pvt Ltd

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At India Exotica, we recommend you places that we get enthusiastic about!

Since we recommend places that we have personally inspected, you will find remote destinations, that we explored either as pioneers or followed in their footsteps.

Our tour consultants have travelled the very areas for which they will set up a tour for you and know inside out of the destination.

Always looking for the “Wow” factor, be it in the hidden cultures of the tribes, or the remote villages in the valleys of Himalayas or in the abundant wildlife found in its jungles, we carry our enthusiasm to our work to make a memorable tour.
Some times, we focus on the great architectures of the Indian sub-continent, sometime on its vast wildlife and at other time on the great Himalayas.

We love including authentic festivals in the tours, love including an interaction with a local family or a session with the local cook to learn the art of making local delicacies!

Our mode of transportation varies depending on the style of travel and the terrain. We love using Indian railways for short journeys, 4WD where a regular truck can’t do, private air charters when need is for speed. Elephant Safaris, Camel Safaris, houseboats, riverboats, cycles, cycle rickshaws. Yaks and mules carry our luggage on the high trail. These are all the various ways we travel.

Our most interesting tours are in the areas of back country. Here, the tourist infrastructure is almost nil and destination difficult to reach. There is deprivation in terms of quality accommodation and varied food. Communications are few and far between. And then here in the hidden valleys of India live some of the most amazing ethnic groups.

“ADI VASI” – pre historic people -, as they are described, have some of the most different and spectacular cultures. There way of living, their social structure and their art is so developed and yet so different from the ordinary that the truly initiated will forget all the deprivations he or she has to go through to reach these areas.

In order to make travel a bit easier, we some time carry large tents with attached bathrooms in remote areas from where the group can explore these remote hidden cultures.

Come, let us show you a different India!

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