Inca Runners Announces Ambassadors Program, Kicking Off with Running Legend Krissy Moehl and Cross Country Skiers Roberto Carcelen and Andy Liebner

27 April 2011

Rogers, AR. – Only a few months after its relaunch, Inca Runners announces a major initiative called The Ambassadors Program.

Hugo Mendez, from Inca Runners, tells us more about it: “Our Ambassadors are people with a strong passion for running, hiking, endurance sports, as well as immersing and learning from new places and cultures, which is the Inca Runners philosophy.”

“The Ambassadors Program was created with the goal of inviting people who share this philosophy to experience our tours on the Inca Trail and the beautiful culture that the Andes has to offer.  Our Ambassadors, Mendez adds, also help us to promote the Inca Runners brand and reach out to a wider audience by sharing their experiences visiting Peru and incredible destinations , such as the Machu Picchu ruins,  among their circles of influence. “

This program kicks off with three great names in the endurance sports community: ultra running legend Krissy Moehl, Cross Country Skier Olympian and Inca Runners founder, Roberto Carcelen and Cross Country skier Andy Liebner.

“Even though some of these people are professional athletes or explorers, you don’t have to be a world champion or an elite athlete to become an ambassador, you just have to have a passion for the outdoors, adventure and learn from other cultures”, Carcelen says.

“We are offering our clients special packages to come with us and our Ambassadors to run and hike the Inca Trail.  This is a great opportunity to visit a unique destination that’s not just trails and breathtaking views, but has lots of history and incredible ruin sites to visit, and what a better opportunity to do it along your favorite hero of the sport!” Mendez adds.

“We are so excited and honored to have Krissy and Andy as ambassadors, they are not only incredible athletes who have achieved so much during their careers, but they also have an awesome attitude, we can’t wait to take them with our clients to Peru”, Carcelen and Mendez say.

To learn more about these upcoming tours or how to become an ambassador, visit the following links: Run with Krissy or Run with Roberto or Ambassadors Program.

For more information, please visit , email: [email protected] or call toll free (888)-581-1150