Huttopia: 23 Years of Innovation in the Glamping Industry

30 August 2022

Ever since its beginnings in 1999, when a small campground was opened in France, Huttopia has been inspired by the beauty of our world and the pleasure of sharing simple moments with loved ones. Since then, this family-owned business has continued building camps in natural sites all while respecting the nature and culture of the territory. Its goal: to allow city dwellers to disconnect from the distractions of everyday life and reconnect with both nature and their loved ones. 

Huttopia is quickly expanding across the globe; over 90 camps have already been established in 7 countries and on three continents (Europe, Asia, and North America)! This growth is thanks to a loyal and ever-increasing customer base and made possible by the company’s constant innovation. 

Setting up camps in different regions, different countries, and different continents is a logistical hassle. It requires establishing and maintaining relationships with countless local authorities, ensuring compliance with local building code and environmental standards, and sometimes even redesigning the signature Huttopia tents. 

One important challenge that Huttopia has been facing is the absence of building code provisions for glamping accommodations. In some regions, wood frame and canvas tents as well as tiny homes are unfortunately subject to the same building code as “regular” homes.

This is a significant impediment to the development of the glamping industry. Indeed, in the absence of adequate regulations, companies are discouraged from entering and investing in this industry. Instead, uninspiring mobile homes with vehicle identification numbers (VINs) are installed.

Getting authorities in all of North America, one of Huttopia’s current areas of rapid expansion, to recognize the value of the glamping industry will be no small obstacle to overcome. However, Huttopia is confident that glamping has a positive future.

The Future of Glamping

Glamping, with its use of light materials and reversibility, is perfectly adapted to the challenges of a future world that will have fewer resources to spare. Wood frame and canvas tents use light materials, can be easily dismantled, and are very modest in size. On the other hand, Huttopia’s tiny houses consume little energy and are built almost entirely of wood—a natural, renewable, and sustainable building material. This makes them much more environmentally friendly than a regular house. 

To allow the growth and development of this form of hospitality—which allows people to be immersed in nature, to appreciate it, and therefore to take better care of it—the regulations that apply to glamping accommodations need to be updated. Huttopia will thus continue to persistently advocate for building code provisions that allow for this industry to develop more easily.

After all, glamping is not only for couples looking for a unique romantic getaway; it is also for friends, solo travelers, and families who want to enjoy nature. Through the growth of the glamping industry, travelers worldwide gain the positive values and appreciation for nature that comes with the experience of camping. 

Snapshot of Huttopia North America

Huttopia North America has five incredible sites that are sure to provide guests with a family-friendly glamping experience like no other! Spacious and well-equipped wood frame and canvas tents give guests all the comforts of home. Real beds, a bathroom, a kitchenette, a barbecue, and a large terrace are only some of their great features. Most tents also have their own firepit to allow guests to make a family-favorite recipe: s'mores. 

Extensive on-site services also include a café-bistro with both French-inspired items and American staples (crêpes, pastries, salads, sandwiches, etc.), a playground and heated pool, an outdoor recreation area with ping-pong and foosball tables, and a camp store with camping essentials. During the high season, family-friendly activities such as movie night, candle making, stargazing, and yoga are offered every day.

Huttopia has glamping locations in New York (Huttopia Adirondacks), New Hampshire (Huttopia White Mountains), Maine (Huttopia Southern Maine), California (Huttopia Paradise Springs), and Quebec (Huttopia Sutton). Stay tuned for more locations opening near you. You can also discover Huttopia Europe here

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