How Tourism Organizations Can Help Prevent Human Trafficking

13 January 2015

3887312861_58fca8701a_bThe Adventure Travel Trade Association is a top member of The Code, an international initiative to provide awareness, tools and support to the tourism industry to combat the sexual exploitation of children in contexts related to travel and tourism. Because January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month in the United States, the ATTA would like to take the time this month to remind all our members and the professional travel community at large of the resources available to educate, combat and reduce human trafficking worldwide.

Step 1

Join the The Code in protecting children from sexual exploitation. The Code offers resources, training and support to travel and tourism companies in an effort to educate through awareness and implementation of company-wide policies that create zero tolerance environments and empower employees to recognize and report suspicious and potentially harmful behavior. If you are already a member of The Code, consider pursuit of ‘Top Member’ status by completing these six essential steps:

  • Establish an ethical policy against sexual exploitation of children;
  • Train personnel and staff members;
  • Introduce a clause related to The Code in contracts with suppliers;
  • Provide information to travellers in the form of brochures, web pages or other materials;
  • Provide information to “key persons” at the destination;
  • Report annually on the implementation of actions associated with these six criteria.
Step 2

We’re encouraging members to watch (or rewatch) the ATTA Webinar featuring The Code’s US-based partner, ECPAT. ATTA members have access through our online, members-only networking site The HUB to this valuable tool that can be shared with staff.

Step 3

ECPAT released an excellent public service announcement called “It Happens Here” for US-based organizations addressing this commonly misunderstood topic. Share the video to help spread awareness.

The ATTA looks forward to continuing efforts to educate members and support The Code and its cause. Learn more at