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How to join ECPAT-USA’s #ENDITMOVEMENT on 25 February

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Born out of the belief that even one person exploited is too many, #ENDITMOVEMENT is a coalition of the leading organizations in the world in the fight for freedom. Each of ECPAT-USA‘s amazing coalition partners is doing the work, on the ground, every day, to bring awareness prevention, rescue, and restoration. Joined by students and senators, nonprofits, and Fortune 500s, END IT is each of us standing for what’s right until the number of men, women, and children suffering in silence moves from 40 million to zero.

On Thursday, February 25, millions around the world will join together to raise awareness of modern-day exploitation. You can join the movement by getting the team together on a virtual platform (or in some other safe fashion), drawing red Xs on your hands, and snapping a photo. Then, post the photos on social media to raise awareness about human trafficking. If you’re able to respond with your photos by 2/22, we can also share on ECPAT-USA’s social media, including tagging your company to show our followers you’re committed to this issue.

Take Action: On February 25, draw a red X on your hand. Then post a photo or video on social media and spread the word! Mobilize your office, your classroom, your team, or your followers to join you in fighting exploitation and trafficking. Post early for a chance to be featured on one of our social accounts!

Be sure to tag @ECPATUSA in your post so we can share as well. Sample posts that you can use on your company’s social media are below. Feel free to tailor a post to your company’s messaging.

Social Media Toolkit and Sample Posts:

  • Millions of people around the world continue to be trapped and exploited. Today, we’re joining with @ECPATUSA in shining a light on this important issue. #enditmovement Learn more:

  • Each year, children around the world are robbed of their freedom. Today, we are partnering with @ECPATUSA to fight trafficking and exploitation around the world. Join us: #enditmovement

  • We believe every child has the right to grow up free. That’s why we’re working with @ECPATUSA @enditmovement to fight trafficking and protect all children. Learn more:

  • We are proud to be part of the #enditmovement and unite with @ECPATUSA to fight for every child’s right to grow up free. Join us:

  • For every dollar of profit in the sex trafficking industry, the cost is someone’s freedom. We’re joining @ECPATUSA and #enditmovement to shine a light on this important issue. Learn more:


Click here to learn more about the movement and how you can get involved.

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