How the New Facebook Will Impact Travel (Hint: Massively)

30 September 2011

Assistant Editor's Note: This guest article by Travis Pittman, co-founder and CEO of TourRadar and speaker at the upcoming 2011 Adventure Travel World Summit, was originally published on Tnooz. The introductory paragraphs are posted here with their permission - be sure to link through to read the entire article.

Watching the livestream of the Facebook F8 event last week, I was curious to see what “BIG” news the young billionaire Mark Zuckerberg was about to announce.

Curious on one hand to know how their updates would affect my own business, but also curious to see how Facebook was going to extend its lead over the recently launched Google+ platform.

Facebook promised a lot and, in some ways, delivered on that promise...

In the last couple of days I’ve dug further into the new Open Graph developer documentation Facebook. In doing so, I have attempted to briefly summarise how the Open Graph changes may affect its users and the travel industry.

To read Travis' analysis of the potential opportunities and pitfalls that these changes pose to the travel industry, read the rest of the article on Tnooz - be sure also to check out the comments section for more discussion.