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How Asia Transpacific Journeys is Responding to COVID-19

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Unless you’re in Boulder, Colorado and can drop in to say hello, it’s rare we offer our clients a glimpse of ATJ’s operations. So much planning, interaction, and effort goes into making your travel dreams a reality. Your customized adventure is a seamless result of our team’s hustle, long-standing connections at your desired destination, years of experience, and our understanding of how to craft a journey that meets your every expectation. Since travel is on a temporary hold, we have been organizing, researching, polishing, and virtually exploring our offerings. Adventures to exceptional destinations await so that you can Journey Beyond the Ordinary with ATJ once travelers are ready.

What’s happening at ATJ behind the scenes:

Connectivity & Relationships

Our trusted partners (guides, drivers, experts, and all those that help us make our trips amazing) throughout Asia are the life-blood of our operations. During these difficult times, we recognize that these partners are part of our global family. We have continued to connect and support our partners through Zoom meetings, training sessions on various travel industry topics and will continue to support this trusted team during trying times.

Safety & Health

Following CDC guidelines and influences from various Asian and South Pacific nations, we have reimagined safety and health guidelines to mitigate risk so that we can adopt measures for safer international travel. These measures have influenced an adjustment in procedures for travel through airports, in our vehicles, at hotels and through sites of interest at your destination. Our vehicles will have rigorous safety and cleanliness requirements and our VIP check-in process at hotels and airports will be elevated in conjunction with new safety measures to help protect guests and our team.

New Experiences

While visiting notable attractions will always be part of our itineraries, we are now infusing more private, exclusive and “hands-free” experiences that minimize exposure to crowds. Some of these measures may include enjoying the ambiance of a private villa instead of staying at a 5-star hotel, arranging private dining experiences instead of a communal eating arrangement, and so on. The options to customize and allow for creative and safe experiences are absolutely limitless.

Website & Documentation Updates

The travel downtime has allowed us to improve our documents and files for accuracy and relevance. Our website content and imagery is also being refreshed and guests will even find new destination options listed to enjoy when travel returns. Our objective is to update our materials, in accordance with changing dynamics, while also continuing to provide travelers with inspiration and a glimpse of the adventures in the near future.

ATJ Foundation

Travel may currently be grounded, but our ATJ Foundation’s initiatives have been taking flight both internationally and locally in Colorado. The ATJ Foundation donated $10,000 towards elephant conservation and rescue endeavors in India. This helps allow essential staff, trainers, doctors, medicine and food to continue support for elephant care during a time where the cost of resources and transportation are a burden for small locally run programs.

Locally, the ATJ Foundation has donated $1,000 each to three noble nonprofits. Our mission is to support basic human needs during a time when funding is very limited.

During these troubling times of distancing and uncertainty, we believe in not just staying connected with our community, but directly supporting it. We also believe that this is a time for creativity and hope. ATJ will continue to share our inspiration as we evolve into travel that embraces safety and risk mitigation, while also providing the pinnacle in immersive customized travel experiences. We’ll continue to help travelers imagine the possibilities for safe, life-changing journeys.

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2 Comments to How Asia Transpacific Journeys is Responding to COVID-19

  1. Richard Reese

    My trip to Indonesia with ATJ appears likely to be cancelled for the 2nd May in a row due to Covid. ATJ not only refuses to consider refunds, they won’t even consider permitting an itinerary change! Never again!

  2. Dear Richard,

    This is an unfortunate situation for everyone involved and one that we wish none of us had to deal with, we are so very sorry. Businesses are failing, our economy is a mess and there are many people out of work as a result and all on a global level. Not to mention the health concerns and former lack of direction on how to stave off this horrible virus to minimize continued loss of life and potential long-term medical problems and medical debt. We hope that we can all pull through this.

    As much as we would like to refund monies paid to us for trips that had to be postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, we have made payments on behalf of our travelers to our vendors including airlines, hotels/resorts and local tour operators and experience providers that we are not receiving refunds on. Many travelers assume we are not refunding monies paid because we don’t want to. This is not the case, it’s because we are not being refunded the monies ourselves.

    Instead, our 33+ years in business has created amazingly strong and long-standing relationships overseas. Because of that what we were and still are able to do is negotiate with our partners to postpone hundreds of trips that were scheduled to depart this year, even with modifications to the itinerary if needed, in order to retain the funds originally paid on your behalf. Everything is simply being pushed out.

    We’ve had much discussion and excitement from you over these past months since the initial postponement in March. The longer COVID lingers the longer our frustrations, we completely understand. As you know we have been able to move all your services to a future date. We were also able to reduce your group from 3 to 2 travelers, with a refund for the third traveler (which hopefully helped financially). We are still waiting to hear from you directly again as to what your thoughts/ideas are about a modified itinerary. Without knowing what you have in mind we cannot help to make the adjustments.

    Our partners have assured us that any monies already paid they will hold until you are able to travel. In order to see this through we need to continue to keep this dialog open and productive so that we can have the best possible chance to provide to you the trip that you were so excited about. Please contact your travel specialist directly to work out these finer details.

    Kirsten Louy Nasty
    CEO & Co-Owner

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