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Highest Skydiving with Everest Skydive 2010

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Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure; Nepal is all set to organize the third Everest Skydiving adventure over Mount Everest. Yes, Everest Skydive 2010 – the adventure that beats all adventures, the highest skydiving event in the world, is back!

Begun on 2008, this aerial adventure takes skydiving into two harsh and extreme environments – high altitude at 29,500ft plus extreme cold. With Mt. Everest and several 8000m peaks lying below, the jumpers leap (solo or tandem), freefall for a few seconds, before opening their parachutes. The adrenaline rush as they hurtle past the world’s tallest peak is the ultimate in skydiving adventure!

Before the real skydiving, the participants trek through picturesque Sherpa villages after landing at Lukla airport. The event will be held at two drop zones: Shyangboche (12,350ft) airfield and Kala Patthar Plateau (17,192ft). The jumps at Shyangboche will be made from Pilatus Porter PC-6 aircraft and at Kala Patthar, Everest from AS 350 B3 helicopter. The drop zone at Kala Patthar plateau is the highest in the world.

Keeping in mind the clients’ safety, the company uses equipments and gears of high quality and standard. A team of experienced skydivers and Everest summiteers will always be there to guide and assist the group. One can make tandem or solo jump depending on one’s experience and capability.

Since the first event in 2008, Everest Skydive has created many new world records. The most recent one was on October 2009 when three skydivers Wendy Smith (New Zealand), Tom Noonan (USA) & Jai Kishan (India) made history by landing at the world’s highest drop zone Kala Patthar Plateau (17,192ft).

Everest Skydive 2010 dates: May & October 2010.

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