Guyana Becomes First Country to Join the Transformational Travel Council

6 May 2019

The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) has announced that it has become the first country to join the transformational travel movement through a pioneering partnership with the Transformational Travel Council (TTC). The TTC unveiled its first 80 Ally Partners on April 17th. Partners include tour operators, media organizations and travel suppliers from around the world. Guyana is the first country to join the partnership illustrating the destination’s ongoing commitment to transformational travel and overarching belief that travel should be a relentless force for good.

This new partnership means Guyana will be joining a community of like-minded organizations around the planet that believe in transformation and are interested in networking, sharing, learning and collaborating with one another on how to shape the future of travel around these tenants, ultimately positioning Guyana as a destination thought-leader and early-adopter.

“Guyana believes in transformation and that it happens from the inside out, often inspired by a journey, where awareness is heightened and traits of empathy and stewardship are cultivated, all leading to behavior changes at home,” explained Brian T. Mullis, Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority. “We at the GTA are excited to learn more about the philosophy and how we can take it from theory to practice in a way that aligns with our destination's strategic goals and initiatives. We have invited the TTC to come to Guyana and conduct a workshop for our destination’s key stakeholders, tour operators, accommodation providers and indigenous communities.”

TTC’s ally partners have joined the #TransformationalTravelMovement and have crossed the threshold into a new age of exploration. With their pledge to the TTC, they’ve signaled to their respective teams and prospective clients, guests, and travelers that their organization believes that travel should be a relentless force for good. Transformational travel experiences empower people to make meaningful, lasting changes in their lives. The transformational travel movement provides an opportunity to transcend from a consumptive form of tourism to a responsible form of travel that has a sustained impact on travellers.

Jake Haupert, TTC Co-Founder shares, "Guyana is an emerging and dynamic destination rich in biodiversity, cultural heritage, but yet also raw and real at its essence, making it a prime destination to start integrating the TTC philosophy and guiding practices into their entire tourism ecosystem and truly enhance their already unique, powerful and burgeoning story."

Guyana’s commitment to transformational travel is part of a larger strategy to continue to develop the destination in a sustainable and socially conscious way. Earlier this year, Guyana was awarded the title of #1 “Best of Ecotourism” destination at the Sustainable Destinations Top 100 Awards. Arrivals to Guyana increased nearly 16% in 2018 over 2017 and new air routes continue to make the destination increasingly accessible from around the world.

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