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Greenland – An Arctic Journey

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At the invitation of Mr. Flemming Knudsen, CEO of Air Greenland (, ATTA President Shannon Stowell and Director Chris Doyle, joined journalists and tour operators on the historic, first direct USA-to-Greenland commercially operated flight on November 2, 2006.

The arctic journey was completed in anticipation of the opening of the new route Air Greenland will open in May 2007 between Baltimore (BWI) and Kangerlussuaq/Sønderstrøm (SFJ). For North American adventurers, most of whom have only flown over the world’s largest island en route to Europe, this five-hour route provides an unprecedented opportunity to access a polar environment, considered one of the world’s most telling barometers of global heating issues.

For the ATTA, Stowell and Doyle surveyed Greenland up close in an exploration of its adventure travel potential. A full accounting of this off-piste adventure will be reported in the January 2007 installment of AdventureTravelNews™.

In related news: Air Greenland (ATTA Member) is now represented in the US by Aviareps AG, which is tasked with encouraging other travel agents to sell Air Greenland Group products, such as Air Greenland airline tickets, Greenland Travel tourist services and arrangements in Hotel Arctic in Ilulissat.

“This agreement [Air Greenland and Aviareps] means that Air Greenland has created the foundation for increasing international passenger traffic to Greenland and we believe this has great potential,” said Aviareps AG International Sales Manager, Per Karlsmose. “It will result in a broader customer range which will make us less vulnerable to fluctuations in demand in Greenland and Denmark, and it will also promote capacity expansion. Partnership with Aviareps gives Air Greenland the immediate market presence and the market knowledge necessary to realize the market potential”.

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