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AdventureTravelNews Launches, Promoting the ‘Leave No Trace’ Philosophy and Helping Adventure Guides Worldwide to Build Their Businesses.

2 Minute Read has launched and is recruiting adventure guides worldwide. The company’s goal is to be the number one source for adventure travelers to find tours with local guides.

To have a great travel experience, you need a great guide. The best experiences create a personal connection between adventurers and their guide. matches adventure seekers to inspirational guides.

“During my sabbatical, I went trekking with a guide in a remote region of Ladakh, India. There I discovered the huge disparity between the price paid by the traveler and the earnings of the adventure guide! I wanted to build a site that would benefit guides and help them grow their business. The GreatGuides platform will help guides dictate their terms and pricing. Guides get the tools and resources to design trips and reach out to global adventure travelers,” said Atma Shetty, Founder of GreatGuides.

“Guides are the foundation of delivering life changing adventures. The Great Guides concept provides tools and resources for guides to run a successful guide business AND continue to be a guide,” said Dan Moore, CEO of Pandion Consulting & Facilitation and Lead Guide for

GreatGuides’ mission is to:

  • Seamlessly connect adventure guides directly with travelers.
  • Enable guides to build a sustainable business that supports the local community.
  • Promote a ‘leave no trace’ tourism philosophy.
  • Provide travelers with unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. is an expansion of Roddy Bray, a leader in the adventure travel field, created so local experts could share insights about their communities.

“The launch of is brilliant news for the guiding industry and for travellers looking for a personal, authentic destination experience. The original project, which I curated, was created by leading guides to express the passion, experience, and skills of guides in Africa. I am delighted that will take this project forward to a global audience, giving travellers a way to connect directly with inspirational people and experiences around the world,” said Roddy Bray, creator of the GreatGuides.Org initiative, Public Speaker, and Expedition Planner.

The platform:

  • Allows guides to launch sustainable, independent ventures with no upfront costs.
  • Pairs adventure travelers to local guides with outstanding knowledge and cultural insights.
  • Promotes ethical tourism, allowing travelers to contribute to NGOs or other charities selected by local guides.

GreatGuides is recruiting guides with expertise in the following areas:

  • Adventure.
  • Ecotourism.
  • Hiking.
  • Rafting.
  • Cuisine.
  • Culture.

Are you a guide who loves to bring once-in-a-lifetime experiences to adventure travelers? Learn more about becoming a Great Guide here.


GreatGuides will contribute to the adventure tourism industry by connecting guides directly with travelers. Our model reflects our guiding principles:

  • Promote a “leave no trace” philosophy, and invest in communities we visit.
  • Empower adventure guides to build sustainable businesses that support their local economy.
  • Provide intrepid travelers with once-in-a lifetime experiences.

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2 Comments to Launches, Promoting the ‘Leave No Trace’ Philosophy and Helping Adventure Guides Worldwide to Build Their Businesses.

  1. David Reynolds

    “the huge disparity between the price paid by the traveler and the earnings of the adventure guide!” – would that be because the tour operator has to pay for Liability & other insurances, do proper risk assessments and incur considerable costs in marketing to attract clients and preparing the clients properly for their trip with tailored advice and documentation.

    Anyone can run a trip but it’s when something goes wrong that you find out what you’re really paying for!

  2. Adventure Traveling excites me a lot, as I get to meet new people and also build connections. I am planning to set up a tour brand and the big question “how to keep my passion alive with work came to mind”. Thanks to your article i am much clear now. thanks

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