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Grannies on Safari Launches Third Season

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Regina Fraser/host Grannies on Safari, Marilyn Miglin/Chicago's very own cosmetic icon, Pat Johnson/host Grannies on Safari Photo Courtesy: Toya Martin

Hello fellow travelers!

The Grannies have been busy this last month preparing for the premier of our third series of the Grannies on Safari!  With all the editing complete, we are excited to finally have the series broadcast.  The shows began airing on Sunday, May 15 in Chicago, our hometown, and in other key markets throughout the United States.  Check with your local PBS station for times and dates in your area.  The new season features trips to South Africa, India, Zanzibar, a quick trip to Botswana and Peru.  Our close friend and cosmetic icon, Marilyn Miglin was our special guest in South Africa and Zanzibar as she was searching for ingredients to make a new fragrance.

Granny Pat is currently in Brazil from May 18-24 scouting out places for the Grannies to visit when they come to this country to shoot shows.  While she is there she will be interviewing two of Brazil’s important artists: Denise Milan and Ary Perez of Sao Paulo!  In addition to scouting, Pat will bring back footage, pictures and write blogs for the Grannies web site and for, a site where the Grannies are regularly featured.

Launch Party

To celebrate the premier of our show and announce that AARP is the exclusive sponsor of our third series, we held a party on May 13 at the beautiful Arts Club in Chicago. WTTW Channel -11 Chicago’s premier PBS station as well as Orbert Davis – internationally known musician and jazz performer, and the composer of our theme song attended too. Judd Holzman, executive director of Link Community Development also spoke as the Grannies are working with his organization to provide solar panels and computers in rural South Africa. The party included some of our closest friends, family, sponsors, and fans m -more than 110 + people attended including individuals from the civic and cultural world of Chicago. Well known WBEZ radio star Richard Steele was the master of ceremonies and the Illinois State President of AARP Merri Dee – award-winning broadcaster – presented remarks. Other attendees included TV, radio and print journalists.  We had a blast and we want to thank everyone again for all your love and support!

About the Third Season

Granny Regina and Granny Pat had a blast together exploring all the cities and countries for the third season of their series.  The chance to experience these cultures, art, entertainment, and cuisine are always fun for the Grannies, and to share them with their friends makes it even better.  Be sure to watch the new season and join them on unique adventures.  Also, keep in mind that they have only three (3) seats left for the upcoming fabulous Trans-Siberian Railroad , 16 day trip form Moscow to Beijing!  Let us know if you are interested via [email protected]

The New Series Show Descriptions

India – The Golden Triangle

We are starting our third season in India where we explore part of what is called the Golden Triangle, beginning in the city of New Delhi and then on to Agra, home of the iconic Taj Mahal, and Jaipur, a cultural hub and glistening outpost of Indian arts, architecture and culture.

Varanasi – India’s Spiritual Capital and Bangalore- A Commercial Star

Later in the season we make a pilgrimage on bicycle rickshaws to the “Ganga Ma” or Mother Ganges, a place of life and death revered in the Hindu religion.  We then visit Bangalore where we explore glamorous shopping centers and look for bargains at quaint neighborhood crafts fairs. We even try their hand at Indian cooking and select elegant saris and have them fitted by master Sari makers.

Peru – Its Coastal Cultural Heritage

Our next adventure led us to Peru to explore its coastal cultural heritage.  We visited the city of Lima to experience the Afro- Peruvian community in El Carmen and visit well-known musical, visual performance artists.  Regina reconnects with an old friend who creates marionettes that tell stories of history. We were grateful to experience cuisine fused from Chinese, African, and Incan traditions.

Peru – Cusco and Machu Picchu

Our trip to Peru led us to Cusco and Machu Picchu later in the season!  At 11,900 feet high, the ancient city, Cusco, was not only considered sacred by the Incas but was a jewel of the Spanish colonial world.  The city is considered the arts and crafts capital of Peru. Machu Picchu at 9,600 feet was a marvel, and the trek to see this ancient city was a challenge when the Grannies climbed it. The city is located in the Andes in an area called the “cloud forest”. Surrounded by steep mountains entire neighborhoods were created. One of the new Seven Wonders of the World – the exploration of this hidden city in the Andes Mountains was an unforgettable and magical experience.

Western Cape, South Africa and Botswana

We began our adventure in glorious Cape Town with excursions to the Cape of Good Hope and the wine lands. We then boarded “The Pride of Africa” on Rovos Rail – accommodated in restored vintage cars – for a two-day trip to Pretoria that includes a stop at the famous Kimberly Gold Mines. While in Botswana, we visited the set of the popular television series “The Ladies #1 Detective Agency” and met with the Oodi Weavers. We were accompanied by the cosmetic icon, Marilyn Miglin, who is on her first trip to South Africa seeking flowers for a new perfume.

Exotic – Zanzibar, Tanzania

We traveled to this truly exotic island that is known for its spice trade, trade winds, historic Arab architecture and romantic resorts. Stone Town, the capital, is a captivating rustic city filled with veiled women, thriving markets and aromatic neighborhoods. We experienced an exotic dance performance on the beach, ruins and a meal fit for kings.  A highlight of the trip was a stay at the world-famous Baraza Resort – individual cabanas, private beaches and buildings shaped like a sultan’s palace. Accompanied by Marilyn Miglin, our special travel partner, we explored the mangrove swamps, hidden plantations and all the while looking for herbs and spices for her fragrances.

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