Gondwana Brasil Ecoturismo

7 January 2011

Gondwana Brasil Ecoturismo is a specialized incoming tour operator located in Curitiba, Paraná, in the heart of Southern Brazil. "Gondwana" is the name of one of the two super continents (southern continent), originated by the first split of Pangaea, about 200 million years ago. The origin of the Atlantic Rain Forest and the Brazilian mountain range coastal areas (Serra do Mar) are associated to those geological processes. And it was on the domains of the Atlantic Rain Forest, which is considered to be the "mother" forest of the Brazilian Nation, more precisely in the Parana Coastal area and its Mountain Range, where the history of Gondwana Brasil Ecoturismo began. In this region we had our first experiences with soft adventure activities and nature travel, as well as our professional inspirations. Since then, three young tourism professionals impassionate by their country´s biodiversity and natural landscapes have started their path on showing others the real and authentic features of Brazil, which is such a diverse country.

Our business began in 2001 and we are pioneers at operating tours through Parana Coastal area. During the past years the company has specialized its operations in Southern Brazil: Iguazu Falls, the canyons of Rio Grande do Sul, the beaches of Santa Catarina, the World Biosphere Reserve of the Atlantic Rainforest, mountain ranges and the Lagamar Estuary .Currently, the scope of operation has been expanded to other important highlight destinations such as: Southern and Northern Pantanal, Rio de Janeiro area, Amazon area and the Northeast coast.

Why travel with Gondwana Brasil Ecoturismo?
We work with individual travelers and small groups in set itineraries as well as in tailor made trips. For us, small details make a difference; therefore we frequently monitor the quality standard of our products, from simple or rustic to the most luxurious. Our tours are carefully designed by experienced professionals who are passionate about traveling and have intensively traveled throughout Brazil in searching for the best practices as well as constantly getting new ideas in order to provide our clients an exclusive and authentic experience. We are proud of saying that more than working with places, we work with people and life stories, always supported by ethical conduct and safety. In addition, our tour guides are professionals, who love their work. We invite you to experience this land of rivers, mountains, bays, friendly people and abundant wildlife.

Why visit Southern Brazil?
The Pantanal is one of the most valuable Brazilian natural patrimonies. It is the largest wetland of the planet – with nearly 210 thousand km2. It covers Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul states. The Pantanal is regarded for its rich fauna. The strong rains are common in the area. Its lands are flooded regularly by various swamps and wide river valleys mixed with lakes and alluvial branches. At the flood season, these frames are fused and reach the water of Paraguay River, renovating and fertilizing the region. It is also considered a Natural World Patrimony and a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. There is great facility to watch the fauna of the Pantanal due to its vast areas. Birds, fish, snakes and the jaguars are the most popular animals of this fauna. The best combination in Southern Pantanal at Mato Grosso do Sul state is the town of Bonito. It has been voted several times as the best destination for soft adventures in Brazil, allowing its visitors to experience activities such as river floating, vertical cave abseiling, trekking and an unforgettable visit to the Blue Lake Cave.

Besides the wonderful Iguazu Falls, named on the 7th World Natural Wonders and one of Brazil´s most famous natural attractions, Parana State has also the largest continuous coverage of preserved Atlantic Rain Forest in Brazil, the Coastal area. Due to its remoteness it has kept a natural treasure of pristine Forest which nowadays has been legally protected and declared as World Biosphere Reserve. It includes the breathtaking views of “Serra Verde Express”, a historical train ride throughout the Mountain Ranges, the colonial towns of Morretes, Antonina and Paranaguá to the caves and bays of the Lagamar Estuary which starts at the paradisiacal beaches of Ilha do Mel and finishes with a jungle expedition of pure raw ecotourism into the Natural Reserve of Sebui; the fishermen villages and deserted beaches.

Santa Catarina is one of Brazilian smallest states – but it is not one to be missed out if we consider all the natural areas and diverse landscapes that go from Florianópolis Island and some of the best and most stunning Brazilian beaches. It may also include a whale watching expedition (Southern Right Whales) to the Serra Geral (Mountain Range) and the breathtaking canyons of Aparados da Serra. Other touristic activities found are trekking and horse-riding. Besides, there is the agricultural tourism circuit in Acolhida na Colônia project.

Rio de Janeiro is a sight by itself and worth the journey. People visiting Rio will find and enjoy colors, music, natural landscapes and the hectic and green cosmopolitan Rio de Janeiro city, one of Brazilian main post cards. The area has a rich culture and history and it is certainly a must see while visiting Brazil.

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