Global Tour Operator Co-op, The World Adventure Travel Collective, Joins the Adventure Travel Supply Chain

22 June 2021

Comprised of noteworthy, highly experienced inbound tour operators from around the world, the collective’s aim is to establish new B2B partnerships for its members.

Toronto-based consulting firm Bannikin Travel and Tourism announces the launch of the World Adventure Travel Collective (WATC), a welcome new addition to the global adventure travel supply chain. The collective represents a selection of owner-operated, locally-based tour operators (as well as one non-profit) from around the world, each with a certified track record of outstanding B2B service and a long history of servicing an industry leading adventure travel company which recently exited the international travel space.

Members of the WATC are known for delivering incredible tours and experiences ranging from kayaking and hiking to culinary and cultural immersion, in destinations from Argentina to Portugal to Nepal, and more.

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the tourism industry, forcing hard-hit operators to get creative in their sales efforts by sharing resources and collaborating with each other like never before. The creation of this collective is another example of the industry’s ability to pivot, unite and come back stronger despite challenges.

The WATC’s aim is to connect its members with B2B partners seeking travel suppliers with a demonstrated history of delivering quality adventure travel experiences across the globe, while keeping sustainable tourism in focus. Collective members are established as tried-and-true adventure travel suppliers known for creating, developing, delivering, and leading “adventure classic”, boutique and high-end adventure itineraries for iconic outbound adventure companies.

 “The pandemic has been hard on tour operators as travel policies are constantly shifting, but it is our belief that we are stronger together, and this collective brings these companies together to showcase their product to a larger travel trade audience and shines a spotlight on adventure travel,” said Jillian Dickens, CEO of Bannikin Travel and Tourism.

Recognized for their proven abilities in delivering reliable, well-organized, conscientious, and creative adventure travel, WATC members are committed to providing genuine value, proficiency, safety, and white-label ready local expertise throughout their diverse range of international adventure travel products.

Members of the WATC include:

Camino Abierto
Destinations: Patagonia (Argentina & Chile)
Product: Niche walking and trekking tours
Travel styles offered: High-end, Boutique, Adventure Classic

Conservation Volunteers International Program (non-profit)
Destinations: USA, Costa Rica, Scotland, Italy, Peru, Patagonia, U.S. Virgin Islands, Galapagos
Product: Volunteer trips
Travel styles offered: Adventure Classic

Destinations: Italy, Greece
Product: Boutique guided walking and hiking tours
Travel styles offered: High-end, Boutique, and Adventure Classic

Last Frontiers Trekking
Destinations: Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, India
Product: Niche walking and trekking tours, culture tours, academic exploration, spiritual journeys, wellness tours, wildlife & nature tours, photography tours
Travel styles offered: Adventure Classic, Boutique

North West Frontiers
Destinations: Scotland and the Faroe Islands
Product: Hiking & walking tours, history & culture tours, private tailor-made tours
Travel styles offered: Boutique, Adventure Classic

Planet Earth Adventures
Destinations: Texas, Ireland
Product: Hiking & walking tours, cycling tours, cultural tours, culinary tours, and tailor-made custom tours
Travel styles offered: High-end, Boutique, Adventure Classic

Pyrenees & More
Destinations: Spain, France
Product: Niche hiking & trekking tours, snowshoeing & ski touring, art, history & culture tours, rock climbing & mountaineering tours, photography & watercolor painting tours, nature tours, paragliding tours, wellness tours
Travel styles offered: High-end, Boutique, Adventure Classic

Romantic Czech Tours
Destinations: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria
Product: Niche walking & hiking tours, cycling tours, and custom drive journeys/van tours
Travel styles offered: Adventure Classic

Terracotta Journeys 
Destinations: Portugal, Spain
Product:  Hiking tours, walking tours, and cycling tours
Travel styles offered: High-end, Boutique, Adventure Classic

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