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Getting Happy in Greenland

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On April 18, the travel news and information site Skift posted their 20 favorite Pharrell Williams “Happy” video tributes that inspire wanderlust.

On April 19, ATTA President Shannon Stowell wondered out loud on Facebook if maybe it wouldn’t be cool to see a “Happy” video from Greenland.

Hours later, Greenland-based photographer Mads Pihl asked if people in the capital city of Nuuk might want to come have a dance party in the street that maybe he could film.

Seventy-five people showed up to Pihl’s dance party on a Sunday night and some of them even came back for more filming on Monday. The result now lives on Visit Greenland’s website and has been seen nearly 50,000 times.

“I think we realized that this ‘Happy’ wave had been rolling for quite a while, and Greenland was… a bit late to the game,” says Mads Pihl. “But we want to show the world, that the Arctic can play along in games like these.”

Pihl adds, “The main goal was to have fun and get strangers to meet up and dance together.” Mission accomplished. The happy streets of Nuuk are sure to inspire wanderlust just in time for the Arctic summer.

Do you have a destination-inspiring “Happy” video? Share it in the comments below, so others can do some armchair dancing.

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