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Geographic Expeditions Launches GeoEx Family Adventures

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World’s Best Travel Company creates kid-engaging itineraries that cultivate deep world connections

San Francisco, CAGeographic Expeditions, just named the world’s Best Travel Company by Outside magazine, has launched GeoEx Family Adventures with five handcrafted family trips to the Galapagos, Kenya, Peru, India, and Turkey.

“We’re inveterate travelers and family people,” says GeoEx President Jim Sano, “and we know from personal experience that travel bonds families like nothing else. We’ve designed these trips to be short but potent respites from all the texting, tweeting, and social-networking forces that make it so hard for modern families to connect. Most importantly, we’ve made sure that each trip is great fun.”

“With 30 years’ experience sending families on trips of a lifetime, GeoEx knows how to construct kid- and family-friendly journeys,” adds Brady Binstadt, who directs the family programs. “We select stellar guides who skillfully interact with youngsters and adults, ensure that long drives are broken up and that snacks are plentiful, provide appropriate pre-trip educational tools, and create engaging activities for travelers of all ages. Whether it’s somersaulting with sea lions in the Galapagos (where our boat features interconnecting cabins), playing games with Maasai kids in Kenya, making kites with a family in India, horseback riding to archaeological sites in Peru, or cooking a homemade meal with new friends in Turkey, GeoEx’s family activities are crafted to intimately connect kids and adults with the places and peoples we visit. Our mission is to create memories–and bonds–that last a lifetime.”

In addition to these Family Adventures, GeoEx also specializes in highly customized Private Journeys–perfect for families and friends to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, or other special reunions.

As with all its trips, GeoEx Family Adventures are supported by the company’s award-winning 24/7 safety network, state-of-the-art trip and medical insurance program, and uncompromising devotion to quality and personal service.

For more information about GeoEx Family Adventures or to receive a complimentary 2012 catalog with all GeoEx journeys, call 800-777-8183, e-mail [email protected], or visit .

GeoEx Family Adventures supports preservation and sustainability programs around the world, including an innovative recycling center in the Galapagos, an elephant orphanage in Kenya, and a nonprofit that rescues street children in India. Visiting these programs is a highlight of our journeys.

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