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Gap Adventures Announces New Name

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Adventure travel leader undergoes global name change

TORONTO– After pioneering and shaping the adventure travel industry for more than two decades, Gap Adventures, a Canadian-based small group tour operator, unveils its new name – G Adventures.

“Over 20 years ago, we set out on a journey to transform the way people think about travel. We discovered a niche–a gap, if you will–between mainstream travel operators and independent backpackers,” says Bruce Poon Tip, G Adventures’ founder. “In the intervening years, we worked hard to fill that gap, and in the process developed a new way to help people experience the world they really came to see – the true, raw, honest and amazing world we all inhabit every day. We’ve become an industry leader by seeing ourselves less as a travel company and more as a life-altering experience company. That’s who we are.”

“One of our fundamental principles here is to change the lives of anyone who comes into contact with our company. Our business model isn’t about bottom-lines and turnover. It’s about happiness, freedom and independence,” shares Poon Tip. “I’ve always believed that the secret to happiness is freedom, and the secret to freedom is courage. This year, we are taking a bold step with our identity – a change that’s an evolutionary step into the future.”

“I have campaigned long and hard to establish an identity for this company that reflects our culture and approach to the world. The time has come for us to put those years of work to the test and take every traveler, old and new, in a new direction. We remain committed to providing the best customer service on the planet and pride ourselves in outpacing our competitors in every aspect of customer satisfaction,” adds Poon Tip. “There is a reason why people choose to see the world with us that goes beyond merely offering great trips. We are a company devoted to building communities, promoting happiness and changing lives.”

“Our name may have changed, but our principles have not. In every way that matters, we’re the same company today that we were yesterday. We’re still available 24/7 to answer questions. We still offer our innovative lifetime deposit. Our roster of unique trips is still incredible and wide-ranging. We still spend every minute of our waking hours dreaming up new, responsible and sustainable ways to show travelers the world as it was meant to be seen.”

The new name will be effective globally October 1, 2011.

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