Galapagos Islands 18+ Population 100% Vaccinated

5 June 2021

Metropolitan Touring Joins Group of  Travel Operators to Support the Vaccination Campaign in the Galapagos Islands –and Sees Encouraging Results

COVID-19 vaccinations are key to reactivating tourism around the world – especially in remote destinations like the Galapagos Islands. With travel to the archipelago that inspired Charles Darwin in the balance, Metropolitan Touring joins eight other travel companies to support the government of Ecuador’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign in the islands.

Answering the call for assistance along with Metropolitan Touring were Celebrity Cruises, Ecoventura, Kleintours, Lindblad Expeditions, Quasar, Rolf Wittmer, Silversea, and Pikaia Lodge, which joined a month-long effort to provide logistical support, funding, and coordination to ensure that the Galapagos vaccination program could be carried out speedily.

Vaccination Points Throughout the Islands

Result? The travel companies’ efforts saw the donation and delivery of 10,000 syringes, 80,000 pairs of gloves, more than 10,000 masks, 1,000 surgical gowns, 40,000 alcohol pads, and alcohol gel, among other materials, as well as funding the meals of dozens of personnel working at vaccination points throughout the islands.

100% Vaccinated by May 2021

Combined with 2020 efforts to better equip local health installations and personnel, as well as to provide a free online and telephone COVID hotline available for Galapagos Island residents, to date, the nine companies have contributed more than US $500,000 to health improvements and the vaccination program. Through these initiatives and the hard work of its team, Metropolitan Touring has played a significant role in both the initial launch of the COVID-19 vaccine in the Galapagos, and the target goal of vaccinating 100% of the islands’ 18+ population by the end of the month.

With the success of the vaccination campaign, there is now growing confidence in the Galapagos that the islands have weathered the worst of the storm and that clear skies lie ahead. With the majority of Galapagos residents vaccinated and the travel sector returning to full strength in many of Metropolitan Touring’s main markets, the pioneer of travel to the Galapagos is now pleased to see other cruise operators announce departures in June and July, ready to join in bringing the archipelago alive for thousands of travelers who are keen to experience a remote, safe and life-affirming destination.