G Adventures Introduces New Blog – The Looptail

16 August 2012

Readers have a chance to win a trip to Jordan

Adventure travel enthusiasts seeking the latest on all things travel need not look any further.  Introducing The Looptail – the new blog powered by G Adventures, the leading small-group adventure travel tour operator.  Featuring a panel of world-renowned bloggers including the company’s Wanderers in Residence, The Looptail offers a unique perspective on popular topics ranging from photography and food, to technology and history. Writers share first-hand accounts of their own experiences and reveal their top travel secrets.

The Looptail was designed to encourage discussion and interaction between readers in order to promote sharing of experiences and further the development of evolving ideas.

“Readers interested in getting off the beaten path to learn about experiences authentic travel provide now have a place to turn to for up-to-the-minute tips and advice. The site is a comprehensive resource on all aspects of travel - and things not related totravel as well,” says Andrew Hickey, G Adventures’ Social Media Manager. “And we want readers to join the conversation — from first-time travelers dreaming of new horizons to road-ready adventurers eager to report back on what theysaw, who they met, what they ate and where they stayed.”

In addition to regular columns penned by G Adventures’ global team, contributors include:

Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott: www.uncorneredmarket.com@umarket

Gary Arndt: www.everything-everywhere.com@EverywhereTrip

Jodi Ettenbergwww.legalnomads.com; @legalnomads

Matt Kepneswww.nomadicmatt.com; @nomadicmatt;

Nellie Huangwww.wildjunket.com; @wildjunket

Cailin O'Neil: www.travelyourself.ca; @cailinoneil

Beers and Beans: www.BeersAndBeans.com; @beersandbeans

Chris Christensen: www.AmateurTraveler.com; @chris2x

Rebecca Enright: www.backpackerbecki.com; @backpackerbecki

Kirsten Alana: www.kirstenalanaphotography.com; @kirstenalana

Peter West Carey: www.thecareyadventures.com; @pwcarey

Craig Martin: www.indietravelpodcast.com; @indietravel

Celebrating Jordan Week & 300,000 Facebook ‘Likes’

The launch of Jordan Week, August 13 – 17, coincides with the celebration of G Adventures’ recent milestone of 300,000 Facebook ‘Likes’.  To mark the occasion, visitors to the blog will have the opportunity to win a trip on the Highlights of Jordan tour with air provided by Visit Jordan. Each day a new article about Jordan will be posted with a trivia question. Readers who provide the correct answer will be entered to win.  One winner will be selected and announced Tuesday, August 21 on the blog.  For complete contest details and rules, please visit: www.gadventures.com/blog.

“Visit Jordan is delighted to be working with The Looptail for the launch of its Jordan Week,” says Reine Gammoh, Visit Jordan’s Social Media and Communications Editor. “With their host of respected writers backed by the expertise of G Adventures, we believe this blog is the ideal social medium to engage readers. We are thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with G Adventures to raise awareness of Jordan and to help celebrate this exciting milestone.”