G Adventures’ Hits Record Sales Day in U.S.

11 June 2012

Company’s core values cited as reason for growth globally

Providence, Rhode Island - Lead with Service and Do the Right Thing are two of G Adventures’ core values – and what the company’s founder believes is fueling their growth globally.

Experiencing growth of over 30% in the U.S. in the last year alone as well as having a record sales day on May 31, founder Bruce Poon Tip says, “Some companies make decisions by asking ‘How will that affect our bottom line?’  We make decisions by asking, ‘Are we doing the right thing’”

The core values that power G Adventures include:

  • We Love Changing People’s Lives
  • Lead with Service
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Embrace the Bizarre
  • Create Happiness and Community
Read more about G Adventures core values here.

“Developing the values three years ago as a framework for how we operate our company ended up freeing us from traditional corporate shackles,” said Bruce.  “We believe that agents today want to work with companies who care about more than just profits.”

With more than 750 programs around the world including both land and ship-based to choose from, G also offers different budget levels from basic to comfort. Top selling G Adventures’ destinations for US travelers include Peru, Costa Rica, Morocco, India, Africa, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, The Galapagos, Antarctica and Thailand. The newly launched North America programs have surpassed first year sales expectations and are climbing in popularity.

“In addition to our core values, I believe more and more travel agents are recognizing that a G Adventures trip is right for many of their clients including students, families and retirees.  Our clients are not defined by age, but rather by a state of mind,” said Cyndi Zesk, General Manager for the U.S.

“Our core values, and what they stand for, have united both our global team and an entire world of G travelers that collectively we call G-Nation.  Yes, you will find our core values on our walls, on our shirts and in our brochures. But most importantly, our travel industry partners have come to trust that our values are present everyday in how we operate our business and deliver our experiences, ” said Bruce.