Fit for Trips Launches New Line of Fitness Programs Specific to Adventure Travelers

12 January 2009

Atlanta, GA - January 12, 2008 - Fit For Trips® has launched a revolutionary new series of online fitness programs uniquely tailored for adventure travelers, which build strength and endurance for trip itineraries that include biking, hiking and paddling.

Fit For Trips provides customized pre-trip workouts based on a proven sports conditioning model used by professional athletes and trainers. The easy-to-follow, video-based programs are designed for travelers of all fitness levels-from beginners to seasoned athletes. Fit For Trips offers home- and gym-based programs, and each one includes a 100% money back guarantee for individuals who purchase them at

"As an adventure traveler, I realized that the enjoyment of my adventure travel trips was directly linked to my fitness levels," says Fit For Trips' founder and NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Marcus Shapiro.  "The more fit I was, the more fun I had on my trip.  I created Fit For Trips so that everyone could gain the same level of satisfaction from their trip as I did."

For adventure travelers, the benefits of participating in a Fit For Trips' program are numerous and include increased energy levels, improved physique, decreased chance of injury and greater enjoyment of the trip itself.  Travelers quickly discover that their confidence and enthusiasm for their trip increases with their fitness.  

A survey conducted by LeapUp Marketing Solutions for Fit for Trips of paddling, biking and hiking enthusiasts in February 2008 confirmed strong interest in fitness training among adventure travelers:

  • Staying fit was very important to 67-81% of survey respondents with 32-61% saying they were "committed cross trainers" or "actively training for a competitive athletic event" and 58-78% indicating they "have trained for a fitness challenge in the past."
  • 55-69% indicated they "would take a vacation to improve their level of fitness" and 76-94% "would take a vacation to meet a specific physical challenge."
  • 61-71% indicated they "would want to access a pre-trip workout program targeted to the activities on their itinerary" and 47-62% indicated they "would want to continue to use their fitness program post-trip."
Fit For Trips is currently partnering with top adventure travel operators to co-brand and market its programs. Adventure travel operators partnering with Fit For Trips benefit in a variety of ways: Travelers who are mentally and physically prepared for their trip are able to experience their itinerary exactly as it was meant to be and therefore are less likely to require extra guide attention or experience an injury; as travelers are more satisfied with their trips, operators experience higher referral rates and repeat business from Fit For Trips' clients.

Thomson Safaris was the first to sign on as a partner offering Fit For Trips programs to adventurers for their 2009 Kilimanjaro treks.

"My Kilimanjaro trek with Thomson Safaris was a once in a lifetime experience, made even more special by the fact that I was in top physical form and fully prepared-thanks to Fit For Trips," says Katie Cordes, Kilimanjaro Program Manager for Thomson Safaris ( "I'll definitely be recommending their services to future trekkers."

All Fit For Trips standard and custom programs include:

  • Activity-specific fitness routines delivered through video clips with audio instructions which can be uploaded to a participant's video iPod or iPhone
  • Printable reference charts with images showing the beginning and ending ranges for every exercise
  • Resistance Training Programs based on a participant's level of exercise experience
  • Endurance Programs customized by adventure activity and the duration and difficulty level of a participant's trip
  • Endurance Intensity Zone Calculator to customize the workout intensity
  • 24/7 access to the Fit For Trips' online forum moderated by FFT Trainers
  • Unlimited email interaction or online chat with a Fit For Trips coach during posted hours
  • Online tracking of fitness progress on the Fit For Trips' website
In support of its new fitness programs for adventure travelers, Fit For Trips has launched, a new fitness portal where consumers can take a video tour, see sample programs, purchase a standard or custom fitness program and track their progress online. 

About Fit For Trips

Founded in 2007, Fit For Trips is the leading provider of online fitness programs for adventure travel enthusiasts. Modeled after sports conditioning programs used by professional athletes, Fit For Trips offers 4, 8 and 12-week easy-to-follow, video-based strength-and endurance-building programs with online progress tracking and on-demand phone consultation from Fit For Trips' coaches. To find out more about Fit For Trips' online fitness programs, visit