First Set of Audio Tours on TravelStorysGPS from ATTA Community Guides Coming Soon

13 October 2020

In April 2020 the Adventure Travel Trade Association and audio tour app TravelStorysGPS teamed up to bring the wisdom of the adventure community together with the growing audience for podcasts and self-guided tours. 

TravelStorysGPS was founded by Story Clark, a well-known land conservationist, to connect people to places in more memorable ways - growing the population of people committed to conserving those places for future generations. The audio tours developed for the app and marketed to road-trippers and arm-chair travellers alike bring places to life in local voices.

Guides can build custom tours of any town or city in the world. Thoughtful and entertaining audio tours can be developed for a range of scenarios such as:

  • Historic city or village walking/biking/scooter tours
  • Interpretive hiking trail or biking tours - think natural history
  • Regional driving tours
  • City driving tours
  • Photography tours
  • Kayaking/rafting lake/river tours
  • Food tour
  • Drink tour - brewery/winery/cafe
For tour operators managing varying arrival times of international visitors, they can also provide a good pre- or post trip self-guided option, while during COVID when international travel is suppressed, they have interesting appeal to locals and expats.

To get the ball rolling we invited three experienced guides from the ATTA community to complete the TravelStorysGPS training program and develop tours:

Christopher Joe of Birds and Nature Tours in Newbern, Alabama
Tony Bauer, Independent Guide, Austin Texas
John Baston of Roadrunner Expeditions, based in Sonoma, California

Chris, Tony and John have nearly completed a training course where they have learned how to spin their guiding expertise into an audio format, learning about 

    • Tour planning
    • Script writing 
    • Narration/recording and editing techniques
    • Mapping/geotag placement
    • Directional geotag triggering
    • Image/text uploading
    • Tour publishing
    • Tour marketing & promotion techniques 
Once the tours are published, they’ll earn money each time their tour is downloaded. Tour pricing ranges from $2.99 to $12.99.

When we asked John how it was going recently he said, “I enjoyed learning to use this platform to build a solid audio tour. We are all finding new technologies to help us adapt and TravelStorys has simplified this experience, offering critical insight into techniques and also making it fun to create something useful as a guide.” 

Stay tuned for the first tours from the ATTA gang, and the opportunity to be part of the next group of guides to go through the program and develop tours. 

Have a look at this short video about the app and feel free to send an email to [email protected], subject line TravelStorysGPS if you’re interested in learning more.