First National Adventure Travel Tradeshow: ATMEX 2012 Attracts International Media Attendees

19 September 2012

Boca del Río, Veracruz, MEXICO - The First Adventure Travel Tradeshow in Mexico, “Adventure Travel Mexico, Veracruz 2012” (ATMEX 2012)—which took place in Boca del Río from September 5 to 9, and included the involvement of fifteen Mexican states—had twenty international media attendees from a wide variety of media outlets including travel blogs, monthly travel publications, luxury magazines and even a radio station devoted to news of the cruise industry.

A writer for, the New York Times online publication, attended the ATMEX conference, as did a journalist from Mexico Today. One from Luxury Latin American was there and one also from Mexico Premier, to name only a few. Blog reports were posted as quickly as September 9, 2012, as was this blog entry by Jason Batansky of “The Unfinished Man” blog, and the news of the event’s success event made its way to the World Wide Web and beyond.

The ATMEX 2012 adventure travel tradeshow successfully fostered 2,000 business meetings, had 578 exhibitors, 180 national and international buyers, and had the involvement of fifteen Mexican states. It is estimated that the economic benefit, originally estimated at 147 million pesos, could reach nearly 200 million pesos, a tremendous show of clout in the tourism segment of Mexico. The tradeshow effectively displayed Mexico’s enormous potential to attract an exclusive international market.

The event took place at Veracruz’s World Trade Center in Boca del Río, which offers 98 thousand square feet of exhibition space and was the perfect setting to create sales opportunities to increase adventure travel in the state and in the country.

A total of 21 national and international speakers shared their experiences in this forum. Among the attendees were Shannon Stowell, President of Adventure Travel Trade Association, ATTA, who spoke about “The adventure travel industry,” mountaineer Carlos Carsolio, the first Mexican to climb to the top of Mount Everest, who lectured on "Adventure and innovation"; Martha Isabel "Pati" Ruiz Corzo, Director of the Biosphere Reserve Sierra Gorda of Querétaro, who spoke about "The community development,” as well as J. Wallace Nichols, Founder and Co-Director of, with the theme "Conservation in adventure travel".