First Ever Virtual Event Dedicated to Climate Clever Travel

4 February 2021

The slowdown in travel has provided everyone who loves travel—both travel businesses and travelers themselves—with new opportunities. We know travelers are thinking about where and how to go, and travel businesses are considering how to ‘build back better’ - assessing business practices and ways they can be more sustainable. 

Recent research indicates that climate and sustainability remain a top issue for consumers even during the global pandemic. In one study of 1.2 million people from 50 countries released by the UNDP, 64 percent of people said that climate change was an emergency. Another study surveying consumers in 26 countries found that the number of people “doing everything possible to minimise their carbon footprint” increased from 63 percent to 69 percent over the past year. 

The Adventure Travel Trade Association has been prioritizing climate action since 2016 when we first began carbon offsetting our in-person events. Since then the climate action initiative has grown to include climate research, learning and networking events, and two mitigation programs: Neutral Together, a bulk purchase carbon offsetting program for small tour operators and accommodations businesses, and Tomorrow’s Air, a platform bringing together travelers and travel brands to support the scale-up of direct air capture carbon removal.

Prior to the pandemic, travel businesses and travelers drove a global industry responsible for millions of jobs and funding for forest, ocean and wildlife conservation projects. This industry also drove eight percent (likely more) of global carbon dioxide emissions. As travelers and travel businesses we possess great influence and power to reshape travel in ways that can support our climate.  

That’s why we decided to offer Tomorrow’s Air Convene: Climate Clever Travel, a first-of-its-kind virtual event on February 25 bringing travel businesses and travelers together to learn and promote sustainable travel that puts communities, wildlife, and the environment at the heart. 

Co-hosted by partners who share our passion for developing and promoting sustainable experiences to discerning travelers - Atlas Obscura, Impact Travel Alliance, and Natural Habitat Adventures - we’re inviting the global climate-conscious travel community to join us. 

“Now is the time to be creative and explore new ideas for delivering on the vision for travel that is good for the environment and communities,” commented ATTA Vice President for Global Strategy and Tomorrow’s Air Co-Founder, Christina Beckmann. “We’re excited to see a global travel community united in a care for climate action come together and are encouraged by early signals of interest from both the traveler and business communities - we saw more than 100 travelers register just within the first few days the event has been open.”

Travel is fun, and we believe that being climate clever doesn’t have to mean absorbing encyclopedic amounts of data or turning your holiday planning into homework. This is an event where you’ll hear about climate + travel solutions, meet inspired travelers and companies, and have fun. 

In addition to a set of practical breakout sessions travelers and businesses can choose from, two keynote presentations provide entertainment and inspiration:

  • Sit back and enjoy the stories of Nacho Dean, a dedicated explorer with a passion for communicating the beauty of our Earth and the joys of travel while building awareness and understanding about climate change. Nacho Dean is the first person in history to have walked around the world and to have swum the 5 continents (there have been more people on the moon). He’ll share a vision for how anyone can travel with intention, with compassion, and with a keen eye on building the world we all want to live in. 
  • In the afternoon, enjoy a special screening of the film From Kurils with Love - an intimate portrait of one man’s life’s work to protect the Kuril Islands, a remote volcanic archipelago between Hokkaido, Japan, and Kamchatka, Russia. Vladimir Burkanov’s story of documenting the effects of climate change in these islands combines both humor and hope.
If you’re a business, this event is the place to be recognized for your commitment to sustainability and climate action, as well as gain future-focused strategies for managing your carbon emissions. Businesses pay $49 to promote their services to climate-conscious travelers and gain access to trade-only content. Businesses may also showcase their brand with virtual booth space in the Climate Clever Inspiration Hall. Companies who are part of the Tomorrow’s Air collective actively removing carbon dioxide via direct air capture and permanently storing it, sign the Tourism Declares A Climate Emergency and/or Climate Action Leaders in Travel Pledge receive special recognition. Email [email protected] inquire about booths in the Climate Clever Inspiration Hall and other partnership opportunities.

If you’re a traveler, join us to learn how to make the best decisions for climate when you’re planning your trips, and get a fast track connection to amazing companies who have sustainability in their DNA; companies you can be proud of traveling with whether it’s on an international escapade or a local weekend away.

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