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First Ever Sanctioned Mountain Bike Down Mt. Kilimanjaro a Success

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Arusha, TANZANIA – For the first time ever, Tanzania Goodwill Ambassador Doug Pitt and WorldServe International secured a sanctioned permit to mountain bike down the tallest peak in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro at 19,340 ft. The biking & climbing took place over 7 days and included 18 participants who took on the charity challenge.

The mission of the event is to provide safe water strategically to communities in need. Majitech Engineering will be drilling boreholes at 5 sites in partnership with local leaders. Before participants scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro on bike and foot they headed out to Ngorongoro to visit a Maasai village with an actual water-drilling site. Hundreds of Maasai gathered to meet the group in person.

Experienced outfitters, Adventure International prepped the group for their trip of a lifetime. Adventure International is a global travel company who specializes in luxury, low-impact trekking. They are the preeminent outfitter to trek Mt. Kilimanjaro and organize mountain bike safaris. Over the years, Adventure International has raised millions in charity dollars with mountain climbing, biking and other treks.

This charity trek will bring clean water to over 150,000 Tanzanians, where two out of five children do not reach the age of five due to waterborne illnesses. Ambassador Pitt and Adventure International also orchestrated one of the largest environmental clean-up efforts of Mount Kilimanjaro in recent history on the climb up. Mr. Pitt kept Facebook followers and supporters updated during the climb, his update after the group summited:

“Climbing Kilimanjaro is extremely hard and a punishing test of endurance. Extreme altitude does bizarre things to the body and your only choice is to fight through it and the climb was much more difficult than I remembered. I will not spoil each person’s story and let them share it with family and friends – but I will say everyone really gave it everything. If I am going to have to suffer – what a fun group to do it with. But in reality, our suffering was temporary and we all saw what real suffering is. I am thrilled that through this trip, we will bring water wells and the gift of clean water to literally tens of thousands of people.”

Adventurers signed up for the once-in-a-lifetime event via Worldserveʼs website.

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