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First ATWS Live Forum a Success, Audience Response to Drive ATTA Issues

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The first ever ATTA live audience response Forum was both dynamic and formative, with the topic at hand of “Fire in the fireplace: How can adventure travel companies manage the paradox of their ability to positively impact the world, while also thriving as independent businesses.”

Overwhelmingly, the audience expressed strong agreement that sustainable operating principles and practices were the right thing to do, but questions lingered about what that really means in day-to-day operations when growth continues in the sector.

ATTA President Shannon Stowell asked for and received resounding support for the trade organization to continue to define itself in part by sustainable tourism practices, although there is concern about making adherence to specific practices a criteria for membership.

Costas Christ and Erika Harms, sustainability experts in the travel sector at large, offered resources and ideas for best practices and examples of what is working today.

The live audience response system allowed participants to react real-time to dynamic questions, which lent a strong community feel to the session through this advanced technology. Overall, the session generated high enthusiasm and support, as well as concrete feedback for ATTA leaders to ponder as they continue to move the organization forward in support of member needs.

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