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Fighting Sexual Slavery: Bearing Witness to The Work of Maiti Nepal

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Nepal is truly one of the most amazing places on earth. It is one of the smallest countries in the world, yet boasts the highest mountain, the deepest valley, and an astonishing array of wildlife, bird life and plants.

But there is a scourge on this beautiful place; that of human trafficking. Thousands of girls are bought and sold each year, forced into the brothels of India and Tibet to work as prostitutes.

Crooked Trails co-founder Christine Mackay will  escort  10 women to see first-hand the work of Maiti Nepal to prevent the trafficking of young women in Nepal.  Maiti Nepal has helped rescue or prevent the trafficking of over 20,000 girls into the brothels of India. Much of the work is done in prevention schools and interception posts which thwart the trafficking before it starts. There are 3 prevention schools and over a dozen interception posts. We will visit one of each. The prevention schools offer a 6 month course to girls (free of charge) which teaches them basic numeracy and literacy as well as a basic job skill. Most importantly, they teach the girls about how to avoid falling into the traps of traffickers.  The work to rehabilitate and educate the girls, who have been rescued from brothels, happens at the main center in Kathmandu, and we will visit there as well.

I am asking each woman to be prepared to share what they have seen and learned with friends and colleagues upon return, to increase awareness and hopefully funding for this most important work.

$500 of your trip fees are going directly to Maiti Nepal, and we will make that donation when we are there visiting. Participants may have friends and family donate to CT on their behalf and get a tax deductible receipt. Let us know if you would like to set up a donation campaign on our website.

In addition to the visiting MN’s field posts we will also do some touring of the Kathmandu valley seeing the most important religious sites as well as some fascinating cultural places as well.

Three days will be spent visiting a local village so that we can spread the word about trafficking ourselves and to see a school and water project Crooked Trails has built. The homestay will be your opportunity to immerse yourself in village life. You will live with your host family sharing meals and yourself and have time to reflect on all you have experienced in Nepal. There will be time for walking the area, sharing in daily

chores and journaling as well. The final two days will be spent in a bit of luxury at the Shangrila Hotel and shopping and enjoying each other’s company.

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