Fifty-seven Percent (57%) of Americans Believe that Life is too Short to Spend more Time than Necessary at Work

3 July 2008

Gen X (28 to 41) is the most conflicted generation when it come to work - life balance - they are the most likely to believe that life is too short to spend it all at work but the most likely to give up vacations and weekends to go to the office. Incorporating a better work / life balance may just change the conflict.The majority of American workers (62%) want their employer to reflect their values and companies like REI and Patagonia understood this early on and encouraged employees to put their passions into practice by introducing time off when the surf was up and by encouraging employees to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature.

Thirty-nine percent (39%) of Americans say that a flexible schedule is a top factor that keeps them at their current company.

Work / life balance is especially important for retaining women employees because 26% of women cite work / life balance as a reason for staying on the job.

Source: *About LeisureTRAK® - For the past eighteen years, Leisure Trends Group (LTG) has conducted the LeisureTRAK®, a quarterly study that is viewed as the definitive guide to what Americans do and love to do in their free time, as well as their leisure attitudes and motivators. LTG defines leisure time as the free time Americans have when they are not working, sleeping or doing things they "have" to do. LeisureTRAK® research is available through individual reports and annual subscriptions, proprietary questions and custom analysis, as well as database access to 76,000 plus interviews since 1989.