Family Business Association of Massachusetts Recognizes Thomson Safaris with Community Excellence Award

19 May 2014

Watertown, MA - In the fall of 2013, Thomson Safaris was presented with the Family Business Association’s 2013 Community Excellence Award. As part of that award, this week the FBA generously donated a check in the amount of $1,500 to Focus on Tanzanian Communities (FoTZC), Thomson Safaris’ partner philanthropy organization. FoTZC has been operating in communities throughout Tanzania since 1996, and is dedicated to improving education, women’s empowerment, and healthcare throughout the developing nation.

The Family Business Association is a non-profit organization created to honor family businesses and recognize excellence through an annual awards program.  Companies can win the Family Business Award for any given category once. Thomson Safaris is extremely proud to have won the 2013 Family Business Association Award for Community Excellence.

“We were particularly honored to have been recognized for what we do to give back,” said Judi Wineland, co-founder of Thomson Safaris. “This generous gift from The Massachusetts Family Business Association will go a long way in Tanzania, and allow us to do a lot of good.”

In Tanzania, FoTZC has built classrooms, school dormitories, teacher’s housing, and school canteens; has helped develop women’s business organizations, as well as provided entrepreneurship training to women in remote rural areas; and has worked to secure access to clean water and adequate healthcare in remote communities. FoTZC will break ground on a much-needed medical dispensary in the Sukenya region within the next few months. This donation will help fund this much-needed project.