Facebook is Shaping Your Customers' 2012 Travel Decisions

17 July 2012
There's been a lot of debate in the social space whether it's travel brands or people's social networks - in person or online - which are more important to the selection and purchase of travel product. A recent article on Forbes.com compiles evidence that the two converge powerfully in today's social landscape and a 'deep connection' exists between travel decisiveness and the social landscape - and the Facebook may be the nexus.
This change in travel consumer behavior said to be a “permanent shift,” according to eMarketer.  “Though the economy may be normalizing according to cyclical trends, the way consumers react to and interact with businesses may never be the same.  Social media is the central hub of this new relationship.”

Key takeaways:
  • Fifty-two percent of Facebook users reported that their friends' vacation photos inspired them to travel to the same destination
  • Seven out of ten travel brands report that social media improved both direct bookings and customer engagement
  • Facebook users are 80% more likely to book a trip based on a  friend liking a page than they are from viewing to a traditional ad
  • One in five travel companies generates actual revenue from social media activity - and by 2016, half of the industry will depend on it as the primary revenue driver
  • A full sixty-five percent of travel professionals planned to increase budget for social media
For in-depth details and analysis, read the entire Forbes piece.