Facebook For Selling Empty Seats

12 February 2013

New York  - Online promotion is a channel every tour operator should be utilizing. However, some experience vast success while others fall flat. What exactly is responsible for this type of variance? Some of our customers have examined a very successful strategy on Facebook that we would like to share with you.

The main focus point of Facebook is definitely to garner ‘likes’. However, does that mean one should buy them? Facebook Sweepstakes provide a simple and cost effective alternative to "buying" likes. A Sweepstake is a small contest on any social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter. By setting a simple three-step entry process such as liking the page, entering an email address, and sharing the sweepstake with friends, one can easily take part in the competition. The driving force behind organizing a sweepstake is to offer a small appealing incentive for simply clicking the "like" button. Creating an online competition where customers are encouraged to participate by liking a page, posting photos and reviews, sharing or re-tweeting a status, or even making a witty comment, can be rewarded with a discount on a spot in a tour that needs filling. This helps to win potential customers and also encourages the promotion of your operations.

Converting ‘friends’ into actual bookings

After having gained followers, one then has to monetize the invested efforts. Special sales discounts on your Facebook page used as Flash Sales is a rewarding feature. This type of arrangement offers a small number of highly discounted tours for a limited period of time to members of the online community. Preparing such a sale starts with the modifying of a few bookings and the posting of a tweet or status announcing to the followers, “The first seven people to sign up for ‘Tour XYZ’ in the next fifteen minutes will save 35 percent on the next excursion”. Assuming that a decently sized fan base of followers exists, this offering will greatly raise the chances of increased sales. The only thing needed is a tool that can manage a limited discount over a certain period of time. This can be done through a gift code that directly calculates the discount or through "comments” during the booking. In an ideal case: one can fill empty seats of un-sold trips through flash sales, increase profit margins, as well as boost promotions all at once.

The entire tool set at once!

Social media promotion is generally an extensive field to trudge through alone. TrekkSoft, a software solution designed by tour operators for tour operators, is here to help guide you through this often-bewildering process and attempt to assist you in gaining new customers online. We will, therefore, demonstrate how to approach this topic as well as reveal possibilities that are open to you. After briefly presenting the most promising features of this topic, we will demonstrate how you can get actual bookings out of your virtual presence. We will also like to create a personalized forum to discuss your individual questions and assist you in designing a rewarding online sales and marketing strategy. Our experts will answer any of your questions and offer all assistance possible, so be sure to register at http://www.trekksoft.com/googlehangout/ today!