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Extreme Ireland Proud to Support The Native Woodland Trust

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Extreme Ireland wanted to give something back to Ireland and the world in general. We were looking for a not-for-profit organisation that best represented the ethos of our company. All our adventure activities are carbon neutral and we operate a strict leave-no-trace policy. We buy new buses with the smallest carbon emissions possible but unfortunately it is impossible to operate transport without leaving a carbon footprint and this has led us to partner with a carbon positive charity.

To help offset our carbon footprint and to support what we believe to be a very worthwhile cause we have aligned ourselves with The Native Woodland Trust. They impressed us with their company structure, ethos, and passion for their cause. Their main aim is to protect ancient Irish woodland and to plant new areas throughout Ireland with native trees. The charity has a constitution whereby they only hold land and trees in trust for the Irish people so there is no way the land can fall into the hands of a commercial enterprise. They are also involved in education and involvement of community in planting and seed collection. Hopefully the involvement of local communities and education of the youth through participation will guarantee the success of this project.

The knowledge base in the Native Woodland Trust is impressive to say the least. They brought us on a guided walk through ancient woodland introducing us to the native trees and bushes, their natural habitat and pointing out invasive and destructive species. Their knowledge wasn’t confined to trees, they informed us on the undergrowth and flower and fauna whose habitat is the woodlands of Ireland. They also informed us on diseases that had been introduced into Ireland in the past and unfortunately the present ( ash dieback disease ) and threats for the future (processionary moth caterpillars ) currently in Britain yet we continue to import trees from Britain. It is of some comfort to know that there are people aware of the situation, asking questions to the politicians and making the rest of us more aware.

Extreme Ireland are committed to raising funds for this charity through Irish day tours, we have incorporated an option to donate on our booking page. We intend to sponsor events encouraging people to volunteer, providing transport and bringing staff on volunteer planting days. All our guides will be briefed by the Native Woodland Trust on their goals methods and practices as well as the makeup of our woodlands. Extreme Ireland are committed to conservation and replenishment of natural resources. We hope to bring the message of this company to the attention of our customers and to raise awareness of its cause and importance in our society.

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