5 January 2016

Because Leave No Trace Behind is No Longer Enough

Kristy Royce Antarctica Exploring Circle (1)Founded in August 2015, ExploringCircle (http://www.exploringcircle.com/) is a new company with a long adventure travel history and a strong sense of purpose. ExploringCircle sends travelers on journeys of discovery and adventure and then donates up to 5 percent of the trip’s cost to organizations working to make Earth a better place. ExploringCircle combines the joy of travel with a social consciousness built upon three primary principles:

  • To send people on amazing trips
  • To engage people around important environmental and social issues
  • To direct funds to groups actively working on those causes
ExploringCircle is an inspired alchemy, where caring for people, places and our planet transforms the world into a better place. ExploringCircle asks clients to first choose a cause to support from a list of suggestions. Then, when trip departs, the company makes a donation to that cause. The donation ranges from $250 a person to 5 percent, depending on the commissions offered by the trip operator.
“We listen to you and use decades of experience to help you realize your travel dreams. In doing so, we fund hope.” -Kristy Royce

ExploringCIRCLE_Logo_Tagline copyDestinations and Trips Offered
  • Amazon: Jungle River Boat and Eco-Adventures on Land
  • Polar: Antarctica and Arctic - Expedition Small Ship Cruising – 11 to 19 Days
  • Alaska: Small Ship Nature Cruises
  • Baja, Mexico: Small Ship Cruising, Kayaking, Island-Hopping, Nature and Snorkeling
  • Galapagos Islands: Small Ship Cruises and Land Excursions
  • Pacific Northwest: Small Ship, Whale Watching and Birding
  • Pacific Islands: Hawaii, Papua New Guinea, Small Ship Explorations
  • Peru: Inca Trail, Cultural, Culinary, Family Land Adventures
  • Central America: Nicaragua and Guatemala
Causes Supported by ExploringCircle

Water, the Elixir of Life, without it, there would be no life on Earth. All life, including our own, depends on healthy oceans. This awareness led ExploringCircle to choose water as its first Pay it Forward theme. The issues include clean water and sanitation, plastics in our water, vanishing ice and sea level rise. The various causes supported are:

Clean Water and Sanitation:

Clean Water for All / Water1st International
A non-profit that supports high-quality water and sanitation projects that provide permanent solutions for the world’s poorest communities, improving health, education and women's lives in the process.

Vanishing Ice:

The Penguin Counters / Oceanites
Oceanites is a nonprofit science and educational foundation, which fosters the conservation of the world’s oceans, islands, and their wildlife.

Sea Level Rise:

Oceania / Kiribati Faces Sea Level Rise
OCEANIA: Encounters at the Edge is a cinematic investigation of a culture facing sea level rise, loss of a homeland, and reminds us of our critical connection to the ocean.

Plastics in Our Water:

Beat The Microbead / 5 Gyres
Many personal care products contain micro-plastic particles employed as exfoliates. These plastic beads harm our waterways and the life that lives there. They even enter our food chain.

Midway Media Project / Chris Jordan
A media project and powerful visual journey into the heart of an environmental tragedy, with the aim of clearing plastic from our rivers and oceans.

Global Warming:

Union for Concerned Scientists
Work to develop and implement innovative, practical solutions to some of our planet’s most pressing problems including global warming.

Client Profile

ExploringCircle’s typical client is an urbanite age 45-plus, highly educated, well-traveled, worldly, and engaged in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Many clients are supporters of causes and nonprofits partners