Explore Reconnaissance Confirms Optimistic and Safe Egypt: Tour Operator Re-Launches Egypt Program

9 March 2011

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Tour operator demonstrates commitment to country with re-launch of Egypt program and $150 discounts on all Egypt tours

Explore’s Egypt product manager is reporting on a welcoming and safe atmosphere during her current visit to the country. Alison Harding is in Egypt to gain a first-hand understanding of the situation there and to meet with Explore’s network of local agents and tour leaders, and to thank them for their commitment and support during the disruption. Harding is particularly struck by the lack of tourists, but reports that Egypt is open for business, with optimistic and proud Egyptians keen to welcome visitors. In support of their efforts, Explore is offering $150 discounts on all Egyptian tours booked by 10th March, for travel in 2011.

Harding reports, “I visited the Valley of the Kings today and saw just 20 people at an attraction that normally welcomes over 8,000 a day. Even more surreal was my visit to Tutankhamun's tomb, no one else was there, I had my very own private encounter with this famous mummy!”

This feedback demonstrates the benefits of booking a ‘sooner-rather-than-later’ trip to Egypt. However, unfortunately for the country’s tourism, the aftershock of the ‘18 Day Revolution’ will be felt for some time yet, with many people discouraged from traveling in the country. Explore has always held the philosophy that, as long as it is safe to do so, the prompt reintroduction of tourism is one of the best ways to support a country that has experienced difficulties. As a result, the first Explore tour back to Egypt will depart on 19th March, 2011*, with the reinstatement of a full program from this date.

The Egyptian people are also doing their best to raise awareness that Egypt is open for business. Facebook pages such as 'Come back to Egypt' are part of an attempt by ordinary Egyptians to communicate directly with the outside world. They are keen to show that it is not only safe to go back to Egypt, but that now is a great time to go.

Ashley Toft, Managing Director of Explore, commented, “After overthrowing their government in February, the Egyptians are united in one more goal - to get visitors back to their beautiful country. We hope that our $150 discounts will go some way to support their efforts.”