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Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure

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Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure, a renowned & established name in the Himalayan tourism industry has been successfully organizing tours across four Himalayan nations: Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan & India for more than 12 years. The company offers fixed departures as well as customized & tailor made programs. The company has handled several high profile and record breaking projects. To name a few, “GKN Mission Everest” with Bear Grylls (of “Man Vs Wild” fame) and Everest Skydive at the world’s highest drop zone(17,192ft) which received much attention from the international media. Explore Himalaya is one of the founding member of “Asian Connections “ a powerful marketing alliance of Asia’s best independent inbound travel operators ( Keeping abreast with a highly competitive tourism market, we follow an aggressive marketing strategy. The company is also one of the premier wholesaler of Tibet tours in Nepal.With a line up of unique products like Everest Skydive, Heli Treks, Longest Downhill Bike Ride etc, we promises a truly unique and exhilaritating Himalayan adventure. Explore Himalaya was one the key organizer for well known Everest Cabinet Meeting at Kalapatter (17,192ft). Our impeccable record in organizing trips and reliable service has led more then 15,000 clients to seek our services in organizing their tours and adventure holidays.

Explore Himalaya with its team of expert and proficient guides guarantees an unforgettable Himalayan experience for every kind of progrmas and travel services. We run our services following the norms of sustainable tourism. Please log on to

Organization Mission

We believe in ‘Sustainable Tourism’ through Eco-friendly Practices. Our Philosophy is, ‘Tourism for Development’. Mr. Suman Pandey is one of the activists in the development of Sustainable Tourism Development in Nepal and also one of the promoters of Eco Trekking activities in Nepal.

Products & Services

Explore Himalaya is a highly proactive adventure travel company which offers a range of Himalayan adventure travel itineraries for people with any grade of experience and almost any time frame. For those in quest for adventure in the Himalayas, Explore Himalaya offers the ultimate trip.

Mountaineering Expeditions
Equipped with top notch mountaineering equipments, highly experienced team of Sherpa climbers, Explore Himalaya has led numerous Himalaya Mountaineering Expeditions to 8000+ meter and other trekking peaks.

Mountain biking
Explore Himalaya is committed to the idea of creating extreme Mountain biking tours for experienced bikers. Our trained local guides know the trails like the back of their hands and are also expert mechanics. Our highest priorities in all our biking trips are safety, quality and enjoyment.

Rafting & Wildlife Safari
Explore Himalaya offers exciting Himalayan white water rafting packages suitable for any level of experience. Our river rafting trips are designed perfectly for novices and families to experienced thrill-seekers. Our jungle safari and bird watching tours in the dense forests of the Terai lowlands offer an unforgettable wildlife adventure.

Cultural Tours
Our cultural tours will lead you to discover the rich eastern culture and spiritualism that had remained shielded from the outside world till recently. Exploring the old palaces, temples and monasteries with our expert and proficient tour guides will give you an insight into the glorious and interesting past.

Volunteering / Gap Year Holiday
This is a unique blend of various activities particularly devised for students taking a gap year. This program offers students a highly rewarding holiday where they stay and interact with local families involving themselves in various volunteering activities such as teaching (at local schools), helping out at the local health post, assisting in various community services etc.

Everest Skydive
Explore Himalaya offers extreme high altitude skydiving adventure at the world’s highest drop zone. Begun on 2008, this aerial adventure takes skydiving into two harsh and extreme environments – high altitude at 29,500ft plus extreme cold. With Mt. Everest and several 8000m peaks lying below, the jumpers leap (solo or tandem), freefalling for a few seconds, before opening their parachutes. The event will be held at two drop zones: Syangboche (12,350ft) airfield and Kala Pattar Plateau (17,192ft).Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush as you freefall and hurtle past the world’s tallest peak before opening your canopy!

Incentives & Special Events
We customize special trips and events for incentive groups, photographic/ filming tours, yoga/meditation tours, shamanic tours etc. An innovative event that we have come up with has been the staging of Mock Marriages.

Helicopter Tours
For those with the desire to experience something unusual and different we have the aerial sightseeing tours, operated in collaboration with Fishtail Air. You take a tour of the city aboard a helicopter and enjoy its sights. You can also enjoy the awesome views of Everest by taking the Everest heli flight.

Motorcycle Tour
This biking adventure begins from Lhasa, Tibet (Roof of the world) and ends in Kathmandu, Nepal driving via Everest Base Camp, Rongbuk along the friendship highway. It takes you across stunning Himalayan mountains, monasteries, and stark landscapes. Driving down the highway you pass through small Tibetan settlements, with nomadic herdsmen wandering across the wide arid plains.

Primary Markets

For every active travellers seeking for adventure, treeking, peak climbing, tours, unquie culture, country side for travellers from all around the goble. Breifly said, ‘’Once in a life time expericnece.”

Areas of Operation

Nepal is a land of unparalleled scenic beauty located within one of the most diverse geographical areas on earth. Since Nepal first opened its frontiers to foreign visitors in the fifties, it has been the epicenter of Himalayan adventure activities. Climbing and trekking holidays in Nepal Himalaya has become highly sought after adventure sports throughout the world soon after the advent of tourism culture. Nepal has an unsurpassed range of environments, ranging from the lowland of Terai to the snowy summit of the highest mountain range on Earth. Traveling in Nepal not only offers an opportunity to submerge in Himalayan bliss but also a chance to step back in time. Standing before the entire world as a vivid kaleidoscope of picturesque landscapes, exotic wildlife, arid high-altitude meadows, magnificent mountains, incredible travel destinations, unique culture, festivals, ancient heritage, pristine backwaters, and exotic cuisine, Nepal is undoubtedly a traveler’s delight.

Tibetan plateau covering 1.23 million sq km is linked to the south by the 2500km long Himalayas and to the west by the Karakoram. With an average height of 4,000 meters above sea level, Tibet encompasses some of the world’s highest mountains. Mt. Everest (8848m), the world’s highest peak rises abruptly on the Tibet – Nepal border. Four mountains exceed altitudes of 8,000 meters and thirty eight mountains exceed altitudes of 7,000 meters. Renowned as “Roof of the World’ with a 3482 km international border with Nepal, India, Bhutan, Nepal and Myanmar, Tibet has remained a hidden sanctuary to the western world for many years. Soon after Tibet opened up doors for tourism in the mid 1980s, travel in Tibet became one of the prime tourism interests across the world. Despite modernization over the past few years Tibet has retained the beauties of its past, such as the fascinating Gompas, ancient markets, ever-smiling and fun-loving Tibetans, amazing turquoise lakes etc which reward every tourist with an indelible life long memory.

The term, India, originated from the local historical name of Indus River. Nestled next to Nepal, China and Bhutan in the North, Pakistan in the Northwest and Bangladesh and Myanmar in the East. Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhihism, Sikhism, Islam, Vaishnavism and Christianity are the various facets of religion in India. It is synonymous to a potpourri of cultural diversity, rich architecture, forts, rivers, pristine snowcapped peaks, rich cultural heritage, royal legacy, folklores, classical music, folk dance, arts and exotic cuisine. A very large section of the Himalayas are in India namely Arunachal, Sikkim, Utaranchal, Himachal, Jammu and Kashmir and Eastern Karakoram. Majority of the peaks stands above 7000m and are waiting to be explored with promises to make your India adventure travel more memorable.

Bhutan, ‘the land of thunder Dragon’ and ‘the last Shangri La’ on earth, is situated in the lap of Eastern Himalayas between India and the People’s Republic of China. Covering an area of 18000 sq miles, the tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is one of the most isolated nations in the world. Spectacular mountain terrain, varied flora and fauna and unique ancient Buddhist monasteries have made Bhutan an exemplar tourist destination, it is bestowed with rich bio-diversity harboring around 300 medicinal herbs and 165 endangered species. Each part of Bhutan has its own, historical, geographical, cultural, traditional and religious significance.

Connecting with ATTA Members and Partners

Every tour operator and travel agent is looking for reliable and convenient ground handlers for their clients. Explore Himalaya could be yours – allow us to service you and your clients and feel the difference. We are interested in doing networking with ATTA members, get ideas to develop new marketing strategy, do the research on market trends and partners as well as explore more regarding tourism and related fields.

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