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Experience the Adventure Revolution in Chile

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One of the best ways of discovering what adventure truly feels like in Chile – host of the next Adventure Travel World Summit – is to take part in the pre-summits that are being developed across a variety of settings and which demonstrate the diversity of the landscapes and activities that form part of the natural surroundings within this South American destination.

There are 21 not-to-be-missed programs that cover Chile from the Atacama Desert to Cabo de Hornos, passing through the Patagonia, the central coast and the national parks in the Lakes and Volcanoes regions.

Amongst the pre-summit list of adventures, there are a few that should be highlighted, home to wild, exuberant landscapes within one of the planet’s most natural destinations. Take a look at the list full of recommendations by following this link:

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Island of Chiloe. Culture and Adventure (oct 1-4)

In just four days you can experience the magic of Chiloé Island and feel as though you’ve travelled back in time to discover the island’s culture, its mythology, its wooden centennial churches – classed as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO – its parks, its nature and its gastronomy. Chiloé is different to any other destination in Chile.

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Coastal Cycling: Bike- Surf- Wetlands (oct 1-3)

This program is a travel experience that explores Chile’s central coastline by bike. The route is full of paths that vary in terms of difficulty, with different ascents and descents that add adrenaline to the trip. The tour is complemented with surfing at Buchupureo Beach and birdwatching experiences across the area’s wetlands.

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Atacama Desert, Adventure and Traditions (sept30-oct4)

This encounter with Andean cultures, invites you to discover ancient traditions and modern lifestyles. You can also admire the stars across the planet’s clearest skies, cycle down sand dunes and visit Pica, an oasis in the middle of the world’s driest desert.

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From the ATTA Summit to the Las Torres Peak (sept30-oct4)

We invite you to discover and explore a unique destination at the end of the world, The Torres del Paine National Park. Our four-night program uses our hotel, Las Torres Patagonia, as a base – situated in the heart of the park at the foot of the famous Torres del Paine. From here, we travel with our guides, baquianos and docile horses, along paths that take us to some of the park’s principal lookouts. Incredible lake and mountain views, as well as the majestic flight of the Andean condor, can be enjoyed.

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Hiking the driest desert in the world… experience San Pedro de Atacama (sept30-oct3)

Live 4 fascinating days in San Pedro de Atacama, a luxury oasis in the desert. Enjoy a cocktail watching the sunset, after visiting the Moon Valley … Experience an unforgettable excursion to meet the San Pedro and Salado river … Take a walk in a canyon of the Cordillera de la Sal … A geiser, fumaroles and mud baths at dawn … Make your next trip a Cumbres Experience and enjoy our excellent cuisine and superior service in San Pedro de Atacama.

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Valparaíso region, three days of unforgettable adventure, gastronomy and culture, from los Andes range mountain to the Pacific ocean (oct 2-4)

From the Cordillera to the coast we will show region of Valparaíso’s destinations with nature activities that combine culture and gastronomy. Entering to the region through the Aconcagua valley the adventure begins at the San Esteban Vineyard, visiting the prehispanic discovery of Paidahuén with an impressive view over the vineyards, Aconcagua river and Cordillera de los Andes. The next two days we will combine nature activities as horseriding alongside with local patrimony and culture in Palmar de Ocoa, Valparaíso, Caleta de Quintay, Isla Negra, El Totoral, Cartagena, Campo Dunar de Ritoque and Caleta de Horcón.

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Nature, adventure, un-plug, at the south of silence (oct 1-4)

An invitation to explore and connect with the Carretera Austral in Patagonia Region. The setting offered by the fjords and the National Park Queulat are sublime, with an extraordinary botanical variation together with the summits and snowdrifts are terrific and challenging. Back to the Lodge you can revitalize body and spirit by submerging yourself in the hot spring pools outdoors, on the shores of the fjords, surrounded by lush vegetation under surprising Patagonia sky. Refined gastronomy with fresh products extracted from the fjords and crops from around the area and our own greenhouse are part of the experience. Come and join us “At the South of Silence”.

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Adventure in Torres del Paine, unique experience you will never forget (sept30-oct4)

In this 5 days- 4 nights circuit you will walk through the millenarian ice formation of Grey Glacier, marvel at the beauty of the French Valley and enjoy the most spectacular views of glaciers and mountains in Torres del Paine. An unforgettable experience. Hikers are led by expert guides on their hike through the glacier and are fully equipped for the journey.

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The elegance of adventure and the ranch hotel, Vira Vira

Treks across the millennium-old forests in the Villarrica National Park, kayak in the Huerquehue National Park and a rafting descent down the Liucura River, is complemented by exquisite cuisine and luxury accommodation within the recently-inaugurated boutique ranch hotel, Vira Vira.

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Trekking Alerce Andino national park & sea kayaking the northern Patagonia fjords of Pumalin park between 3 volcanoes (oct 1-4)

Soft trek searching the second oldest tree in the world , paddle the Northern Patagonia Fjords in Pumalin Park between volcanoes, hotsprings , huge waterfalls and vertical walls covered with dense rainforest , possibilities to see penguins, dolphins and sealions. Authentic cultural interaction with the local people of the area.

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