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Exodus Travels Empowers the Next Generation with Inspiring Adventure Project

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The Inspiration Project shares the gift of adventure, helping children across the globe discover their world

Travel is about those rewarding moments that can’t be forgotten, about discovering new places and learning about different cultures. Now, award-winning small group and self-guided tour operator Exodus Travels is offering that chance to children all around the world, who would otherwise never see their own countries’ wonders. With 43 years of expertise in responsible tourism and adventure travel tours around the globe, Exodus Travels launched The Inspiration Project to provide local kids with the opportunity to share the same adventures as visitors to their countries and to learn about their own natural and cultural heritage. This year, Exodus has committed to sending 2,018 children from all around the world on exciting, educational day trips.

In 2017, Exodus Travels pledged to take at least 2,017 children on an adventure of a lifetime. By the end of the year, the adventure tour operator connected with a total of 2,347 children. For many of these children, it was the first time they’d ever left their villages or the place they grew up. They were able to visit iconic sites, view wildlife, and learn more about their home country’s culture and history.

In Kenya, children were taken on safari in the Naboisho Conservancy. “First time I saw a lion, first time in a car, first time in a conservancy,” says Julius Kupai, aged 12. While in India, they saw the Taj Mahal for the first time. Day trips in Cambodia brought them to the sprawling Angkor Wat temple, in Bosnia, they were given the chance to view the peaks of Sutjeska National Park, and in Jordan they laid their eyes on majestic Petra.

“As most children had never traveled outside of their village, everything they saw was new for them. It was like a light to their future life,” explains John Hoki, a head teacher in Tanzania.

During adventures with The Inspiration Project, children join experienced Exodus Travels trip leaders who share their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the younger generation. “Only 6 students out of 42 had been to a city before and none had seen the sea,” explains Sujan, an Exodus Leader in Sri Lanka.

Click here for more information about Exodus Travels’ community projects worldwide or catch a glimpse of The Inspiration Project in action here.

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