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Escaping Humanity Through Polar Audio Stories

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Those of us who have been enjoying ATTA CEO Shannon Stowell’s Campfire Chats may have caught his recent discussion with the polar explorer Robert Swan on May 5. Swan is also the subject of a Two Poles podcast released this week, “Will to Walk: A 33-year Antarctic Odyssey.” Two Poles is produced by Far Features and explores the polar regions – not what they are, but what they mean. It is the ultimate armchair adventure travel featuring unheard stories about these last wildernesses on the planet. Journalist Fraser Morton brings us stories, encounters and wild tales from adventurers, filmmakers, writers, artists, musicians, anthropologists, scientists – and everyday people who live, work, protect and explore these polar places. 

In this COVID-19 moment, Morton and his crew who have FOX International and ESPN experience thoughtfully invite listeners to “escape humanity through polar audio stories.” 

For more information or to talk with the Two Poles team about featuring someone from your company contact [email protected].

Sir Robert Swan, Last 300 Expedition, Antarctica. Photo: Kyle O’Donoghue/2041 Foundation

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