Equitrekking Nominated for Two Daytime Emmy Awards with Host and Producer Darley Newman and Executive Producer Chip Ward

19 May 2009

PBS Equestrian Travel Series Nominated for Outstanding Special Class Series and Outstanding Single Camera Photography

Washington, DC- May 15, 2009 –Equitrekking®, the PBS travel television series hosted by Darley Newman, has been nominated for two Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Special Class Series and Outstanding Single Camera Photography.

Shot in high definition with equestrian travel expert Darley Newman and executive producer Chip Ward, the Equitrekking series travels off the beaten path, riding horses with local people to get an in-depth, eco-friendly look at a destination’s natural surroundings and history. Equitrekking has just filmed its 27th high definition episode and is broadcast on international networks, in addition to its broadcasts on PBS and the Create Channel in North America.

“I am very excited and honored that Equitrekking has been nominated,” said Darley. “The series is a combination of my passion for horses and travel. To be able to travel the world and share these unique experiences with viewers through PBS is a dream come true.”

Husband and wife team and young entrepreneurs Darley and Chip have built the series from the ground up, using their complimentary skill sets and passions to creatively promote and produce each episode through online video and the Equitrekking.com website. The crew’s talented cinematographer Greg Barna, nominated in the Outstanding Single Camera Photography category for Equitrekking, is an integral part of the small production team. "Greg is truly fearless. He's ridden into the crater of a volcano on Maui, along some rough patches by the U.S. - Mexico border, Bryce Canyon in Utah, the beaches of Southern Spain and beyond, all just to get the perfect shot," says Darley.

Equitrekking is a challenge to film,” said Chip. “We use the latest high definition technology to keep our equipment light, so that we can all reach these amazing, lesser visited areas on horseback. Filming with us is certainly an adventure.”

Equitrekking’s new fourth season is currently broadcast on PBS stations across the nation, and features more of Darley's adventures. Darley explores an underground city and ancient villages in Central Turkey, visits castles in Scotland and Wales, and watches bald eagles soar over the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. The Equitrekking crew is currently in production on a new fifth season, venturing to Uruguay, Montana, Turkey, Alberta and beyond. PBS station schedules are available on Equitrekking.com.

About Equitrekking

Equitrekking, the first travel television series to explore the world on horseback, broadcasts in high definition on PBS in North America and internationally in Italy, Turkey, France, Belgium and beyond. The show’s companion website, Equitrekking.com, is a one-stop site for equestrian travel featuring video clips, the Equitrekking Travel Guide, expert tips, travel articles, Darley’s blog, photos and a monthly e-newsletter. Equitrekking.com has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, New York Times Magazine and Budget Travel, among others and is hosted with the latest technologies provided by Voxel.net.