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Editorial Statement Against Racism and Discrimination

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We have taken the last couple of weeks to quietly learn and listen to the voices stemming from the abhorrent events in Minnesota and elsewhere in the U.S. The Adventure Travel Trade Association is a community of people whose whole livelihoods and passions are built around diversity. As a global and diverse community, ATTA stands against racism and discrimination in all forms, both individual and systemic, and supports Black Lives Matter. We see and hear you, our Black colleagues, friends, and travelers. We know that many of our members are working hard to fight racial and social inequality here in the U.S. where ATTA is based, and in their communities across the globe. While we have always stood against inequality no matter where it takes place in the world, we commit to doing better. We don’t have it all figured out but are examining internally how we can do more to make the world a more just place for everyone.

If you’d like to share ways the ATTA and adventure travel industry can take action on diversity and inclusion, please contact [email protected].

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