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Eddie Bauer’s First Ascent Frontpoint 2.0 Jacket

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This jacket is a great, ‘go to’ jacket for a variety of active outdoor pursuits. Designed for alpine climbing, this softshell will certainly also be at home on hikes, backpacking, during spring snowsports, on ziplines on a crisp day, or any time you’re faced with brisk conditions.

The hood, shoulders, sleeves and hem boasts waterproof protection to shield you from the elements, while the torso is constructed of a breathable, flexible, ultra-light soft shell material, providing great mobility and heat dissipation. And it certainly fits well over base layers, as well as lighter mid-layers.

I’ve found it to be an excellent all-around adventure travel option, the kind of jacket that you can throw into your bag and know that you’ll be able to get multiple uses out of it, be it as a shell or even a mid-layer in more extreme conditions. I’ve found it excellent across a variety of elements and activities.

Thanks to its bright colors (bright ‘Nectar’ yellow for men, ‘Rhubarb’ for women), it would also make a strong uniforming option for a tour operator, making your team readily visible to clients and, if necessary, first responders in an emergency.

Due to these very visible colors, which make it a great jacket for being seen when you need to be seen, this jacket really is distinctly about active adventures rather than for use during those times where you might want to blend in with the local populace.

Manufacturer: Eddie Bauer’s First Ascent
Product: Frontpoint 2.0
Product type: Jacket
Product webpage: Click Here
MSRP (in USD): $229

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