Ecuador Tierra de Fuego Announces New Transportation Service for Clients

18 January 2011

QUITO, Ecuador - South American tour operator Ecuador Tierra de Fuego is proud to announce the acquisition of a new Chevrolet mini-bus for transporting clients on tour.

"For a small company like ours, this is a goal we’ve been driving towards for quite some time. Every year there’s a goal we promise to achieve, and despite economic issues worldwide, I was pretty sure we would get this one” says Lorena Izcaino, Tierra de Fuego’s General Manager.

"We’re always looking for innovation in order to offer the best quality service to our valuable customers. Our mini-bus will allow us to safely and comfortably offer transfers, daily tours, and long trips our clients require in Ecuador, at competitive prices."

With professional drivers, and a fleet with corresponding insurance and registration, the new mini-bus for 27 passengers is equipped with: Reclining seats with seat-belts, air conditioning, stereo sound and DVD system, cooler, individual controls for air, light, audio, and assistance button, as well as wide luggage storage compartments.